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    piaggio 500 evo yamaha 900 divvy maguluti 400 maddison

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    touring im a old git now me four kids im a busy dad mending and riding all bikes
  1. yer mate there is a level of which is just below the screw thread where you fill it up ive dropped the oil and put in 180 ml its meant to be 200 it seems to do it on cold days or over 100 mph which is good lol
  2. hi can any one help.ive shaft oil coming out of the breather pipe on my 900 divvy.ive renewed the oil at 200ml and the breather pipe when the temp becomes 0 outside i get oil coming out of the breather onto me back wheel.he grade of oil is 80/90 i would be grateful for any help as this is driving me nuts
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