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  1. thanks mate I'll give it a go
  2. just tried to change some details and a error came up. any ideas thanks glen?
  3. the film stared David Essexs and he sang the theme tune silver dream machine back in the 70s
  4. its quite possible its donnington as they filmed some race scenes there, i was at that meeting and i so it race, we all had to wave as they past, i think in the film they say its silverstone but don't quot me on that i was a long time ago.
  5. iyamwotiyam

    Just passed!

    well done parkey what a summer your going to have, and the lakes on your doorstep. ride safe and enjoy.
  6. In east Yorkshire the nod means road is clear of unwanted hazards(speed cameras)or police. If its not clear give the thumbs down, motorcycle news had some thumbs down to speed cameras stickers
  7. Maybe they should try wearing a rag its ok in the uk!!!!!!?
  8. iyamwotiyam


    only in the good old USofA
  9. now i get it! it must be my age, thanks
  10. hello been using a battery impact wrench on my old bikes and it seams the lite hammer action work very well and i haven't sheared a bolt off yet with it. mines makita but i`v seen a cheaper version in the clarke book from motor mart, hope you sort it glen
  11. that's a bugger rob had same problem with kick start on one of mine, luckily he just welded the end so it was a case of just grinding the end off then gently easing it with a chisel in the split, i tapered the end of the shaft with grinder before fitting new lever. hope you sort it glen
  12. hello rob i`v been watching did you get her to started?
  13. iyamwotiyam


    pleased to see your keeping your bike, i`v just been on ebay and a chap on the island of white is breaking one its complete but a bit tatty.i keep my eye out for bits and bobs and have a 125rs for parts as well as a rs 125 and a rs 100 on the road. a lot of parts do cross from one to another and i know how things can get a bit expensive. i also have the parts book for them if you ever need any numbers. have fun glen
  14. iyamwotiyam


    [hi i have a rs 100 and i payed £325 off ebay last month with MOT there becoming very collectible so if you don't need the money keep it and enjoy it.some parts are very hard to come by ie, exhaust mudguards so if there in good condition you may get a good price
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