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  1. Last update. Checked the compression and it seemed a bit low. Took the motor apart and changed all the rings on the pistons. Old ones looked a bit warn. Put the motor back together and pressed the sart button. And as if he new if he did not start that it would be the landfill as last resting place it started. Thanks for all the help.
  2. Just to give you an update. Had everthing checked by a friend and he agreed the bike must start. Towed the bike for about 10km in 2/3 rd gear. Still not starting. I have now officially given up. I am going to give the bike in at a bikeshop and see if they can get it sorted.
  3. Thanks I will keep trying. Just thought maybe I am forgetting something. Already stripped the carbs and head of I don't know how many times, thats why I bought new carbs and head. Did not know about the website will give it a look later. Will keep posted if I get it started. I am going to tow the bike as a last resort if I cannot get it started.
  4. Hi, I have a fzr 1000 3gm exup. the bike was standing for about 3 years when I bought it and was not running. I did the following. Changed head and carbs. the bike has: compression spark gets fuel airbox of there is definite suction timing is correct Valves are shimmed correct. Headers are warming up Now the question: the bike does not want to start. What the #@&! is wrong??? PLEASE HELP!!!
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