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  1. I just got a 78 dt80 and the clutch was not hooked up. i pulled the cover off and see the lever on the inside of the case where the cable hooks to. But i dont know if im missing a piece or what but all there is that the lever could connect to is a rod that goes in you can pull this rod out and it doesnt have any spring tension or anything is this normal? when you pull the lever in and out by the cable it moves in and out like it would push and pull the rod also there is a spring hooked to the inside of the case taht goes to the lever i would guess but I cannot find out where it hooks on any help would be great also if anyone has the manual i could really use it thanks so much
  2. some of you migh tknow by the post i made but i just retimed my 80 yamaha xd850 now then its running good but its leaking from cam covers on the top i didnt change the gasket cause the gasket looked and feeled brand new it had silicon on it to what do yall put on gaskets in this case silicon or what or just have the gasket alone i have some more places i need to fix to so if i could get some info on what or what not to use thanks alot
  3. ok well i took it out and drove it about twenty miles got back and about a hour later went to check the battery i decieded i would hit the starter it cranked over like it should and it started its really weird i would think the battery too but its a brand new battery Dan i checked the voltage it was at 13.9 volts i have tried the starter before at the same volts and it was slow and kept stopping started it four more times tonight and its cranking over right i dont know what teh problem was but i hope its fixed thanks alot if anyone has any ideas of what it could have been or something i might need to do to keep it from doing it again would be much appreciated
  4. Ok My starter will turn the engine about one turn real slow and then it wil stop of you keep on it it will turn again a and stop but it does it very slowly i thought maybe the starter is dragging so i checked the voltage drop very little if i kick it it starts on one turn i know it will start if the starter will just turn a little faster also what is making it stop and start again thanks alot
  5. chris c

    1980 xs850

    I was turning it over by hand thats what ill do then thanks alot
  6. chris c

    1980 xs850

    well i messed up I was tightening my tensioner just as the book said took tensioner cover off turned engine counter clockwise a few times till the plunger stuck completly in then tightened the adjuster bolt and lock washer turned it over and the plunger moved in and out again i think the chain slipped timing marks do not line up no more under the left cover also the engine is locked it will not turn no more you can turn it back a little and then forward to the same point i think my valves shot down on top of the piston shouldnt have hurt anything as i turned very easily and did not hunker down on her just what should i do now all help is well appreciated thanks alot christopher 1980 yamaha xs850
  7. I just got a 1980 yamaha xs850 and it makes a valve trane rattle it has 30,000 miles on it and I am unaware of the service history. I changed the oil with the proper weight and it still does it. Do the valves have to be adjusted on this model? Maybe the timing chain? it kinda sounds like a chain but it doesnt skip time or anything fires right up on one kick. runs great besides that high pitch noise. any help would be much appreciated chris
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