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  1. Hi O T B, Check for a sidestand switch, Plunger type. (Can be easily removed).
  2. Thanks Fellers, Good info Steve, Have one on order mervin, Cheers.
  3. Cheers Jim, I`ll start lookin.
  4. Hiya Fellers, Do you need a front breaklight switch for an MOT? (if the rear works), I`ve recently obtained a xs400, With MOT, but on giving it the once over there's no front switch, And by the looks of it there's not been one for years, It came with all it`s old mot`s so it must be passing?, Sorry if this seem`s an obvious question but i`ve never MOTed a bike (30 odd years), But i`d like to add this one to the collection, Cheers, Mark.
  5. High Matty, Just a thought, If the two "prongs" are not plainly visable under the break lever, It may not have a switch fitted, Have a good look around, You may find fitting holes where a switch should be, Good luck.
  6. mark h

    helmet noob

    Maybe she`s just had her hair done,.
  7. HOW LONG HAVE YOU GOT?, Bike related, Early morning, empty road, Hit a roundabout, I hit the opposite curb the bike hit me, 4 broken rib`s, broken pelvis,(now wired up), broken ankle, (Now pined), And a gravel rash the size of Africa, (now that did smart a bit), First thing i did when i could stand, YES you Know, checked out the bike, Started first time on the button, (I do hate a smug bike), I still have the bike GS550, Back to her former glory, High gloss black, lot`s of chrome, Just love this bike, Oh, And Steve, Thats what your leathers are for, Better your jacket then your back, (TUT, KID`S EH), LOL, Only joking,
  8. mark h

    Dyno Truths

    That should get me to the post office in time, On pension day!.
  9. mark h

    bike insurance

    Just renewed mine (feb), Swinton £43, Mined you i haven't claimed in 37years, I always call in or phone direct, and literally "haggle", It is time consuming but it pay`s off, YES, Tell them your club`s,
  10. mark h

    He's home!

    That`s some bike, I`d be affraid to ride it though, Just in case it got dirty, I`d just stand it on the drive and look at it, When you getting a "Hack" To join the rest of us Siberians? I`t can be lots of fun trying to dodge all the manhole cover`s, Why do they put them in the middle of a bend? (near thing today), Have lot`s of fun on "Lucian" , Great name, ( Underground?).
  11. Hiya Steve, Next time your looking for a bike (You`ve got the bug now), Take time out, a deep breath, and then look, There ARE bargains out there, I picked up a GSX400 today, £150, with Tax and MOT, a bit tatty, But HAY-HO, i`m a dab hand with a paint can, But it ride`s superbly, 60 mile`s home, I was impressed, (mined you it`ll be in bit`s tomorrow), So take a good look around before you buy, Or Evan wait awhile, That "bargain" may not be a bargain after all, Good luck with the JAWA, ( I can hear it from here, Still make`s me shudder to think back).
  12. OH, Steve,Steve, Steve, What have you done, I had one of these once (for about 3 days) Think i was very drunk at the time, Actually ran well, But the noise man the noise, I wish you GOOD LUCK, (You Need to learn patience grasshopper).
  13. mark h


    "Tish Tish" 150m to far?, You should just be getting warmed up by then, LOL, Don`t worry about makes, i`ve had HONDA`s for 35years (still do), This is still a very helpful site, and i enjoy the "crack",
  14. Cheers OG, Gave the carb a good clean, Was mucky, Riding a lot better now, Back down the beach for me,
  15. Ya, A Nice day in the "Garden of England" About time it`s been real mucky of late, Had the TD on the beach(Leysdown), Then shot off on the M2 with the GS, God i love this biking game.
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