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    yzf 750r.. ps if you scratch my bike i have the right to hunt you down and kill you" if you dont belive me (TRY ME!)

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    tyne and wear
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    hunting people down that scratch my bike!!
  1. nice bike m8, zero gravity do a nice selection of screens for the yzf750 thats where a got mine from, good luck and be good on her!!
  2. hi,all can anyone or doz anyone have a yzf750 blue screen for sale or know where a can buy one from as mine is cracked and a wanna put a blue one back on????? any help would be great thanks
  3. thanks for that m8,, have fun on her and give it one for me!!!
  4. thanks for the reply,, if you dont mind me asking how much was the kit,?? if i am being to nosey just tell me to sod off, just i am after doing this to my bike,, thanks
  5. where did you get the kit from??? and what was it like to fit??? thanks and that is one sexy bike,,,
  6. nice one,, be good on it tho
  7. nice bike m8,, looks good as new!!!!
  8. right thats it, am on the hunt for a stubby!!! ha anyone got any ideas what kind will make it look the muts???
  9. no, i wanted honest opinions so then i knew if i was going over board with it or not,, just dont want it tolook takey
  10. i have been thinking of putting one on,, do you think it will look better???
  11. about 12month in all,, its been striped down and rebuilt more times then i can think of,, ha but i love it,,,
  12. its the standard backend cut in half and a r1 backend welded on ,, took weeks to get it right..
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