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  1. tpricey

    tuning a rxs100

    does it only do 65, i had a 1983 rxs and that would do 70. try an iridium spark plug they like a good spark, you could try going up a jet size because of the expansion exhaust
  2. tpricey

    yamaha xt125

    yeah great little bike, payed 495 pound for it with 9 months tax and 3 months mot, it s a running restoration as i go making it original, i ride it 20 miles a day 5 days a week for 6 pound so good on fuel compared to the two strokes (i had a yammy rsx100 another great bike)
  3. tpricey

    yamaha xt125

    i have recently bought a 1982 yamaha xt125(without the rev counter) and i would like to put it back to original so i am looking for the idiots light s as the one that are fitted ar leds and when i change to main beam they shine directly into my eyes,
  4. tpricey

    yamaha xt125

    hello there i have just purchased a 1982 yamaha xt 125 and was just wondering what to look out for and the pros and cons. also i should imagine its pretty rare as yamaha did nt build many four strokes.
  5. got to be the rxs 100 bought one after doing my cbt to ride to work and apart from the bike hating the cold(don't we all) its been a brilliant bike good on fuel accelerates pretty well and kept up with a kawasaki 550 to 70 mile an hour, just wish i had my rs125 dx on the road but would reccomend any of these 70's/80's two strokes to any body.
  6. tpricey

    yamaha rs125 dx

    the wheels are fine but the spokes are excessively corroded at was just seeing if getting another set would be cheaper than trying to clean them up, they require a lot of work
  7. tpricey

    yamaha rs125 dx

    hello there i have a 1979 yamaha rs125 dx and the generator is shot (all the wires are broken and the winding are falling apart). i have a yamaha rxs100 with cdi and was wondering if the generator and cdi ignition would fit the rs125 which is contact breaker ignition. also i am after a set of wheels front and back front wheel has disc brake email me at [email protected] or reply to this post.
  8. tpricey

    rs 125

    i am after a stator for inside the flywheel as there are two wires broken and it looks diffecult to solder back together without melting the electrics and thought it would be easier and more reliable the long run just to replace the generator.
  9. tpricey

    rs 125

    i am looking for help as i have not been able to find one and wondered if anybody had one or knew where i could get one
  10. tpricey

    rs 125

    hello there i have a 1979 yamaha rs 125 dx and there are two wires of in the generator and i have found loads of stators for a rxs 100 with cdi but cannot find one for a rs 125 with contact breaker ignition
  11. hello there i have recently purchased a 1979 yamaha rs 125 with front disk brake. i ordered a six volt battery with the same model number as the one in the manual but it is too long, i believe the battery i have is the same as a fs1e. also the serial numbers start and end with * and its number 741 can anybody help me
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