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    yamaha yzf R1 1998 2003 xjr1300 1993 wr500 2stroke 2007 raptor 700 atv

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    Yamaha motors marine bikes and watercraft and anything radio controled

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  1. witneylad

    helmet recomendations...

    agv and caberg and maybe dainese aswell I would recommend the first you try for comfort
  2. witneylad

    NEW rider with new questions

    how you getting on with your xj? they are nice bike and easy to ride
  3. witneylad

    Licence categories

    buy a larger machine like a fj or r1 and get a restriction kit for it enjoy yourself I wish I had this optio when I did my test 25 years ago
  4. witneylad

    helmet recomendations...

    shoei bell agv and suomy do some comfortable quiet helmets try a few on see how it goes I think maybe the suomy would be quieter than a shark arai are to noisey but lite