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  1. Where's your photos? I want to see. lol
  2. Yes, the xs650 fit the 500. mikesxs.com
  3. XS650 forks fit the 500. You can still find XS500 forks on eBay, I did, and they were in excellent condition for $45. Good luck on your search!
  4. Ah Nice! I'd like to see your bike when you have pictures available. My bike had been sitting under a tree since 2006, so yeah, it is pretty rough. I plan to turn it into a street-tracker inspired bobber like the ones Heiwa is building. I have attached a picture of my inspiration for the build. Good luck with your bike.
  5. I just inherited a 1981 Exciter 250 from a family member, free. I think the bike is ugly, but I also think it has potential to make a nice project for my girlfriend. I was curious to know what you guys thought about the bike. Are there any known issues that I should be aware about with these bikes? Are parts hard to find? I ask because I have learned the hard way with my XS500 that parts can be hard to find when a bike is rare. In searching the web it seems that the Exciter is not as rare. Anyway, I just want to hear your thoughts on this thing. Here's a Picture of the bike when I
  6. What does a gay horse eat? HAAAAAAAAAAY
  7. I agree with your advise XS-Time. I would also lower the headlight, it seems like its raised to high for the lines of the bike. Maybe add some fork gaiters as well. Just an opinion though. Other than that I absolutely love the simplicity of this build, with a result of a high dollar bike. Congratulations on the build!
  8. Hey Armyof12, I personally recommend the powdercoating if you want the color to last. It adds a whole new layer of protection to your wheels when you accidentally bump or knick your wheels. The aluminum is very easy to dent and with paint it can easily chip right off. That was my experience with mine. Only one thing to keep in mind, powder coating is thick, so any lettering and/or numbers that are raised on the rim will get kinda filled in and become hard to read. Some people care about that stuff.
  9. Thanks for the responses guys. Its gotten my ideas running in different directions. Also, thanks for the link Drewpy that will really help a ton. I just got a second set of discs that I will test the patterns and drilling on. I believe in trial and error, its just a bit scarier being on two wheels.
  10. Thanks for responding BZNChris. I did bleed the brakes and still plan on getting some steel braided lines. Guess I was attracted to the aesthetics of the new discs. But I think you're right, Maybe I should stick to the originals.
  11. Hey guys, I need your advise on updating my disc brakes. I have been tinkering with the idea of applying some Brembo front and rear discs and caliper kits on my bike build, but I'm really not that crazy (or financially able) to buy them at the price they go for. Does anyone know of a kit that is similar or equivalent to the Brembo's that I can use to upgrade my brake set-up? I thought about drilling my current discs but I am not sure how cool that would really look. Any help or leads would be appreciated. Thanks Christian BTW, this was my inspiration Wrenchm
  12. Hey Matt, I just emailed you!
  13. Black Gold NOT Texas Tea

  14. Yeah Dude.. That's the way to go. I am sure it will look great. Keep us posted
  15. Thanks Drewpy!!! btw... Africa? too funny
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