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  1. I have had problems with the ABS warning light flashing at me after about 200 yards or so, I have no faith in ABS on bikes as it complicates what is a simple form of transport and it liberates a lot of weight too. Thanks for the advice FJ12SP, is the ABS wiring embeded in the bikes main loom or is there a separate loom ? Also why is it nesassary to remove the airbox, or is that just a mod you recommend ? Cheers, Wilbur.
  2. Hi All, Newbie Wilbur here !!!! I am an engineer in the CHP and Oil and Gas industry. I have been a bike rider for 28 years ( That Long ), have had about 90 bikes and performed may mods and even sucsessfully removed the ABS from a BMW R1100S, (Many Nights of head scratching). I would like to know what is required to remove the ABS from my FJ1200A ?? I have tried the search facilty on the site and because ABS is three letters I failed. Hope somone can help point me in the right direction as I was led to your website with a link to a member by the name of FJ12SP !! he apparantly has performed this removal and was wondering if he had documented it ?? Hope you can help. TTFN Wilbur
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