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  1. Does anyone no any websites for yamaha dt 125re parts ???????? i have a dt125re and from the day i bought i have alot of trouble with it. The starter was broke so got a new one got it fitted and the thing wont start all the time and when it does it goes and when i stop the bike cuts of iv cleaned the carb but i dnt think its getting a gd spark i put a new plug in it does any one else no what it could be. I dont no alot about bikes has u can tell with all the question lol Thanks
  2. cheers lads for your help got the bike going again the carb needed a gd cleaning
  3. il give it a good cleaning tomorrow and c what happens. Thanks for all your help.
  4. Yes mate has soon has i put the choke back down it goes to die till i rev it
  5. cheers m8 i put a new plug still doesnt work lol it doesnt start by the electric start i have to bump it lol
  6. my dtr wont start first time it takes ages but when i do get it goin i ave to keep revin the bike bcause if i dont the bike just stops like its not gettin petrol but i just filled it up it drives fine when i do get it goin but soon has i stop the engine stops Please help !!!!!!!!
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    Happy days cheers mate
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    I have a full DEP system on my bike and its due for MOT next month and i was jus wondering would it goe threw ok
  9. cheers ill give that ago tomorrow hopefully its nothing to serious.
  10. I have an 04 dtr 125 and iv had it at 85mph which thats all it says on the clock is it possible to get the clock changed.
  11. thanks mate how much would it cost to replace the relay or solienoid ?
  12. I just bought an 04 DTR 125 and when i try to start it with the electric start it doesnt start theres like a clicking noise its seems to be coming from near the battery area the guy i got it of says it needs a battery but i put one in it and it still does the same thing, but everything else works lights, horn ect, when its not even started so i dont think its the battery. any ideas what it might be? thanks
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