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  1. NOLAN N84 for me as its a nice fit, quiet, sunvisor on outside as I wear glasses, tried caberg and the visor hit them, plus its good value for money
  2. Hi hope someone can help, Ive just picked up a fizzer to use as a winter bike my problem is that after about 10 minutes running it just cuts out n dies, if you dump clutch quick it will bump start or you just wait n hit starter, it sort of splutter n farts first most off putting if your overtaking !!! It has stood a little while would it be worth changing the plugs or anything else electrical it could be ? its probably fuel related Thanks in advance for answers
  3. Hiya, Just joined so thought I would say hello, just bought a FZR600 Genesis today so much different to my blackbird Hopefully I can get some tips on here on how to possibly make improvement to it, especially in the braking department are there any calipers etc from more modern stuff that fit straight on ?
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