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  1. Hi all.

    Does anyone have any good Team Cadbury's Boost Yamaha pics they could post on here.

    Im looking to do a race rep on mine, but so far haven't found much in the way good pics to copy from.

    Cheers Rob

  2. I must of been at a bad day at the track then, i do beleive a spill from a vw was the cause of why it was too dangerous for bikes.

    I really want to go again jus to say i've been round it. I have to say though what an amazing ride up there much better than the roads of norfolk lol

  3. I went there just after the motogp at assen, payed for my ticket and then bikes were told it was too dangerous to go on.

    I was not happy, but sort of relived as during the 2 hour slot the track was open it was only open 20 mins, because of cars hitting bikes!!

  4. Very nice, best colour for the YZF750.

    Just needs some white mirrors to finish it off. (Then you could sell me those black ones) :lol:

    Haha, all my mates jus take the piss because of the pink, but i like it!! Should of seen what mirrors was on before i got it, they wern't my cup of tea :lol:

    Those ones were 23 quid off ebay the pair brand new...bargain!!

  5. Cheers mate.

    Looking at something similar to the old paint job, either red,white and black or yellow,white and black, with the Yamaha speedblocks again.

    Or might go with something along the lines of the red,white and blue OW01 scheme.

    I like the OW01 scheme better!! recon it would go better with that yzf fairing and would look proper retro!!

  6. Hey Robert,

    That is one the sweetest and cleanest rides I have seen in a while. Well done... :rolleyes:

    Thanks i can't take all the credit, i brought it off another member last year and it was already clean. I've just had the wheels powder coated, and added a few bits that goes better to my taste.

  7. Burning oil is quite common with the YZF`s and FZR`s.

    With the YZF750, its usually the valve stem seals, might be worth pulling it apart and checking your valve clearances at the same time.

    Although i`ve had a few 750`s, never had an issue with using oil, apart from the one that had a FZR1000 motor in it, that had to have the stem seals replaced as it had the same problem as yours.

    Thanks for that mate, just reasures me that im on the right path.

  8. Hi all

    my yzf750r uses about 300ml of oil every 170 miles or so, iknow they burn a bit, and i get a puff of black smoke when i rev it quite hard, but is this normal for one of these.

    its only done 21000 miles and im just checking before i decide to go and change the valve stem seals or see if its worn the rings(hopefully not rings) :unsure:

  9. Hi everyone

    I have a fzr400 3tj track bike, and im trying to find out what needs to be done to fit a 600 lump into it.

    basicaly which is the best engine, does it need a new loom and ignitor box. and the little things you dont think of untill you come across them.

    any advice will gratefully be recived

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