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  1. The Knox backpack is a great piece of kit. Comes with a helmet bag and you can attach your helmet to it for when you're walking about. Also has a laptop case and lots of cool pockets. Hubby wouldn't be without his and I think I'll get one too. £40 or thereabouts.
  2. I still fancy one of these, because of their looks and how well they'd do in and around town and probably on the twisties. From what I can gather, if speed isn't what floats your boat, then something like this might.
  3. Although I'm no longer a Yamaha owner, I still hang around here and read some of the posts because the people on here are fab. JimR especially took the time out to offer a lot of help and it doesn't surprise me to read this thread. Goff summed it up pretty well I think
  4. Excellent write up! There was a lot more drinking done with youse than with us (ps did they have any potcheen for you?). We got drenched on the way over and ended up borrowing my da's car for the NW200. Went to University corner but didn't stay all day - it was friggin' cold! The weather was truly appalling all week - our textile gear failed on us it was so dirty and wet, so by Tuesday we had to put the bikes away and get the car out again while they dried out. Got home Friday night, 12 hours after setting off from our cottage near Hillsborough, Co. Down and I'm still bollocksed!
  5. ulster exile

    ferry tips

    This worried me too. The Holyhead/Dublin ferry (Stena line) said they do all the strapping when I called to ask so if you're doing Stranraer - Belfast route you know the answer already. The Cairnryan - Larne is P&O so dunno about that one.
  6. Beautiful bike! I'm so jealous I found myself nearly walking into somebody's garden to look at their red MT-03 when I was visiting relatives in Shrewsbury the other day - they really draw you in.
  7. lol me and hubby are doing a Welsh version of that - we're travelling to Betws-y-coed on the Thursday night and sailing from Holyhead friday morning. Staying for a week. If you see a blue Hornet FS (I never got the Fazer after I got rid of the YBR) and a silver CB600 together, say hello!
  8. Thanks for sorting it, although I was a little disappointed to receive an email telling I'd a pm, then not being able to get onto the site all day and then finding out it was spam. Oh the disappointment lol
  9. Congratulations - pleased for you
  10. ulster exile

    Im single!

    Well I guess that congratulations instead of commiserations is in order, given the style of your post! Nice one and have fun
  11. Go to Northern Ireland? Ulster Grand prix is usually on in August time - it's not a patch on the NW200, but good craic anyway...
  12. Well if nothing else, you've stopped us from scratching our heads! Cheers
  13. I've no idea about half of what you've said (because I don't understand it!) but best of luck for Friday.
  14. Thanks for the replies both! After posting this, I went hunting for a top box, but then saw a brand new humpback for half price so couldn't resist, knowing how versitile these are. Thing is, I couldn't figure out how to get my seat off to fix the base on so I just carried on using my spinexx tail pack, which is fairly handy anyway as I can stick my gloves and stuff in the mini cargo net on it, unclip the straps and off I go. I do like the humpback though - hubby has one for his bike and I like the idea of having the base permanently attached with the advantages you have listed. I'm in
  15. Way ahead of you! Saw one of these today when I went to look at a Hornet. Not a fan tbh although the one on offer was tidy but not in the best nick...the place i went to had mainly old bikes - a do-er uppers dream! Thank you for the suggestion though
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