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  1. Good idea I suppose. D'you know, originally I thought you came from a place called "Oldington," hence the name. Suppose I should learn to read. Anyway, thanks for the attention.
  2. OK so i admit I was skimping on gaskets last time I had the engine off for repairs. I used Hylomar Blue becuase I couldn't afford a cylinder base gasket back then and it seemed to work OK. Except the engine was always very oily and I was getting through a lot of oil between regular changes. So I made a note to replace gaskets at the earliest opportunity, and wh-hey, that was last weekend. OK so i have to admit that buying Chinese paper gaskets in a set was - well - a little cheapskate, but hey, better than nowt. Having stripped down all the cylinder, head and base and scraped the remains of shower sealant i mean Hylomar Blue off all the surfaces I carefully fitted my new seals, being careful to oil up the surfaces first, etc. etc. I was quite surprised that the "Head" gasket in my pack, looked like a filter off a vacuum cleaner. No matter, I removed the metal head gasket made in Japan and replaced it with the hoover version. Done a real oil change, checket the tappets and went for a test run. Magnificent. Better still, i got another couple of mph top end and when I got in that evening, I was really pleased that the engine actully looks clean for once. Now, after a week or so of riding I takes her out again this weekend just past and, lo and behold, accelerating down a slipway onto the 'parkway' = big ring road in Peterborough, she misfires and the engine just died. So I walked back home saturday afternoon enjoying the network of dedicated cycle paths in environment city, sweating my bollocks off like I was yomping in full scuba gear across a cove in enemy territory. Well got home OK. DIAGNOSIS My first thought was a slipped timing chain --- i was dreading a dropped valve. Anyway, I looked and it all seems hunkydory including the sparks. This makes me wonder if the sound ---what I thought was engine misfire --- was actually the paper head gasket going. Yes I know you're supposed to do a compression test first off, but (I know this sounds pathetic) I haven't got a tester. APPEAL FOR INPUT Can anybody please advise..... on A)How to make a compression tester. I presume one might be able to drill through an old spark plug and attach a guage off of a cheap Chinese footpump to rig something up? Any help gratefully appreciated. B)Whether the gasket is the likely cause of my failure to go, and C)Where a man can get a good job and move on up.... SR 125 lol Thanks :-)
  3. Hi, Having recently done a vital engine rebuild - the second gear wasn't selecting but now it is Hooray I'm left with the vital task of replacing a couple of oil seals then hopefully it'll be "bob's your uncle" for this latest maintenance do. Not forgetting many thanks to Dean & Dean and mates in Peterborough for helping us out big time after lubrication probs last week! It is heartwarming when a biker stops to help if you get into trouble. However I've put the engine back together now, and don't wish to meddle too much if poss so I'm posting this to see if anyone knows the dimensions of these parts for the SR125 custom: 1)Clutch pushrod oil seal ... located on top of LHS engine case underneath circlip (Dohhhh ) 2)Output shaft oil seal ... located underneath front drive sprocket ! 3)Any other vital seal not mentioned above, if applicable There's a guy in a local engineering trade counter who has bundles of oil seals, so it's simply a question of giving Ext diameter, Int diameter, Width and possibly desired quality in order to obtain replacement parts. I've heard the job can be done without removing any covers or what-have-you. It will be of great value to know what specs these parts are, before doing the oil drain routine... again. Many thanks, Jon Lamb OK have taken measurements from spare crankcase and got the following results if NE1 agrees with this plz affirm. Measurements are: _______________________int dia/mm_____ext dia/mm___width/mm # Clutch p/rod seal_________14_____________26___________6 # Output shaft_____________20_____________35___________6
  4. Hi Jim, Thanks for that, absolutely spot on. Isnt it a bitch, all that work wasted for forgetting to loosen one bolt for a few minutes!!! "Homer Simpson at DIY" moment, Duuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh.
  5. Ok Yamaha fiends, please help out if at all poss. Here's the situation: My 'beloved' Yamaha SR125, which has seen me good for a year has recently started giving problems. Firstly, there was the dropped exhaust valve caper. Next, a broken float bowl. Then, another thousand miles of motoring before this: Started burning oil, so I got the barrel checked out and on good advice had a rebore done. That was last weekend. I managed to get everything back in good order or so I thought. Stood fine on tick-over for about 15 mins. I took her out for a spin and this is how she responded: Seemed Absolutely fine at low throttle and in the first gears 1 - 3. When building up speed to change to 4th there seemed a power loss, and upon changing to 5th the engine cut out, it was very disconcerting. So there was this squeaking noise, I figured it was possibly a leaking gasket so took her back and begun work again the Sunday, to fix this. Second time out the same thing happened. Took the top-end off this afternoon and discoveres horriblke looking traces of burnout on the cam bush. The squeaking was not it turns out from leaking gasket but from a lubrication problem I suspect. Currently one of the rockers is seized and I've got a chap to help pull out the rocker rods. Tomorrow we will know. Meanwhile I'm searching for any tips or advice from folks who've had this kind of problem theirself, like how did it come to this, how to fix it and so on. Yes I know I've been a muppet about this, but please let me know if you have any ideas Many thanks. lol
  6. Hi everyone, I've just got to the final furlong on my efforts to mend the SR125. (Turns out the major problem was a dropped exhaust valve) So, the top-end rebuild is now complete, valves and cam chain timing set up... i think Today I filled the tank but the fuel just drops straight through my carburetor. When it was disconnected I noticed that it tends to rattle slightly when not still/horizontal. Q.1Is this normal? Thanks. Oh yes one other thing - different subject, Q.2There are three marks on the rotor it looks like this |.....|----| (ignore the full stops they're just spacers but the hyphens represent a continuous line) Would it be correct that the middle vertical line is TDC? Thanks for your help... J
  7. Well that's given me some food 4 toughrt , Thanks, I've a feeling it'sgonna be awhile before I'll fix this but will report back then. Cheers for the noo, Aha!
  8. Hi Oldgitonabike, Here's the low-down... 1) Recent maintenence history. 2 days prior to this engine failure I had changed the oil, being carefull to put in the right amount and check circulation by loosening the allen-screw beside the oil pump, to see it glisten withi a minute of starting the engine.Like it says in Haynes Everything there, seemed fine AOK 2) On the day itself that morning I took the bike out and the back wheel was siezed up completely. Having noticed it was stiff the night before after work I figured it was just cack in the drum brake, which our tutor told us sometimes happens when I done a course in Feb/Marcxh this year. The drum was wyped clean and all seemed good-to-go after that. One thing though, since I got some spray grease from Taz I noticed that the sprocket nuts etc. have now locked... will the same thing happen to my axel?? Yikes. I read the thread about copper grease this forum and I think I'm ising the wrong stuff. Anyway continuing with the current tale of woe and hardship... 3)Luckily the day before this engine failure I bought a cheap car coz' I was worried about givin my ol bike a hammering, what with riding all thru winter and now, itching to get out more. ROll on my full licence... So in essence I felt that there was certainly stuff to be doing on the bike that I wasn't... little thinkgs here and there. 4)I had been suffering from periodic power loss on the SR125, when it used to do 65+ no probs I was now struggling to get past 58. Checked spark plug:CHECK Oil levels;CHECK Timing:CECK Air Filter:CHECK Probelm: Last oil change there were one or two tiny bits of swarf in the sump filter. SO I guess that's because in Februaury when changing oil I flushed out the engine with petrol and then put the wrong amount of oil in. But rode a good thousand miles in the meantime, after righting the above mistake. To work, to college, to my girfriends (100 mile round trip) a few times etc. 5)The moment of breakdown. 5 minutes from home. Over the roundabout, up the hill cranking the clutch and gear select something chronic, definitely a problem there, not enough play in the clutch I suspect.... 6)The gear select was stixcking, not shifting gear easily or predictably so that It becomes a thinking matter to know what gear you're in...I kept falling back into neutral but going at some speed, so tried to change up quickly, but I was only in first. I revved like hell and the engine responded, I was slow to react, before a brief popping sound i think, and then it died. 7)I still have compression, and there's a ratchety noise instead of the engine firing up. But I've drained the tank and removed the battery for now. That's all i know. Any ideas??? Many thanks
  9. Hi folks, I'm in a particularly nasty patch with my routine maintenance schedule... This time I've really blown it. PLease advise. Here's the sit-rep. Earlier this week I was having trouble shifting gears in my SR125. I figured that either the clutch cable needed adjusting 'down below' or, the gear chamber itself needed lubricating. Unwisely I put it off. Lesson no.1 learnt already. Anyway, after getting up a small hill I thought I had shifted up gears and gave it some, but I was in first by mistake and literally blew the engine. So now she won't run at all. What damage has been done, and how may I repair this pls? I guess we're talking an engine rebuild? Where do i start? Thanks
  10. BTW: The centre of the clip goes onto the metal 'tongue' on the outer edge of the internal lamp assembly, that links into a slot on the chrome rim piece, and the two ends of the clip are splayed into a groove inside the chrome rim piece. Sorted.
  11. Och, that's sorted now. Dunno why it seemed such a bother. Cheers!
  12. Hallo friends, I have finally obtained the new chrome ring and replacement clip for my headlamp. Well, here's a rub.... Canne seem to remember how to fit the cllip in place, like, adjusting these things is simple when you've got the manaul. Unfortunately the missus chucked out the aforementioned Haynes publication (unwittingly i assume) as it was buried in a stack of ahem skateboard magazines. And 2000AD's More about this clip: It's a single piece of springy 3-D 'U'-shaped wire Any help with this greatly appreciated, thanks.
  13. Check the oil levels. If the engine's low on oil - maybe you even changed it recently and flushed the system out with petrol, what happens then is the oil level drops much quicker than you think. Then the engine runs too hot and bits start grinding. Change oil and use EXACTLY the right quantity. Hopefully there'll be little or no permanent damage. Don't keep running it if it IS the oil, till you've changed it, my college tutor explained how this F***S the engine up it's not nice. Otherwise you need to check sparkplug / timing???\ \ Good luck
  14. OK-dokey thank you very much. Just got back from work having fixed said bike in't company bike cage with leatherman and 'lego' junction block. Scraped the contact on battery plus checked fuse, then yanked the wires out and cut / joined insied loomy bit. Then came home to check the Forum and just as I was starting to feel quite pleased with m'sen then I read the bit about yon lad who lost his mate. Sorry to hear about that, buddy. Actually before heading to work I fairly searched the Forum and someone was bleating on about removing those switches as standard plus tales from Thailand, but that's another story I guess.. The main thing is, reading all these tales of experience gives me the motivation to dig down, get dirty and sort it out. THANKS ALL .
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