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  1. Beadle1

    yzf r125

    Yea i noticed that. The bore kit comes with a Race mapped CDI unit aswelll. Aparently acording to some one on this topic (i cant remember who) said that the race ignition unit made the R125 do 90+ mph so with that and the 170 big bore kit for the yamaha i guess you would be looking at about 110+ MPH maybe more but im not sure to be honest. The down side to that 170cc Big bore and the race CDI unit is that it costs £500. I have already spent a fortune on my R125 with the Micron exhaust costing £300 and i do not really want to be spending much more on a 125 when i can wait and save up for a bigger bike. I dont think its worth spending aload for a 125 also considering its my first proper bike otehr then a ped. Also you was talking about that air recirculation box that is connected to the standard exhaust. When i bought my exhaust system it came with a plastic bung and instructions saying to seal the pipe that connects that air box to the manifold/mid pipe. I asked a few mechanics aswell and they said this should release maybe a few BHP probably about 2 or 3. Its not much but its something. The most i have had out of my R125 with the exhaust system is 84 MPH i could have got more but i didnt push the bike into redline because it dont sound healthy lol.
  2. Beadle1

    yzf r125

    Hmm well i got my A2 licence but im not sure what to do because i havent had this bike for long and i spent quite a bit of money on it already. Plus im on finance so im sorta stuck. I would like to get a bigger bike though but considering my insurance is 350 fully comp i think it quite a money saver for insurance considering im only 17 Mite aswell wait out my 2 years restricted then try and get an R6 after the 2 years restricted is done
  3. Beadle1

    yzf r125

    Where did u get this CDI unit from? Because i cant find it. (Now imagine what your bike would be doing if it had the 170cc big bore kit in it aswell lol)
  4. I went for the first time to MCN London show 2009 and i can understand why you would not want to go again. If you want to go to a good bike show its got to be the NEC motorcycle show in Birmingham. Untill MCN drastically improve their shows it can be a waste of money going to the MCn London show.
  5. Beadle1

    My YZF R125

    This is my 2008 YZF R125
  6. Beadle1

    YZF R125

    I have it! Sounds great when you take the baffel out of it. And looks great too with black r125.
  7. Actually i saw an all black YZF R125 without the silver trim in at a bike shop the other day. So i went to the owner and he said that he bought the black trim from a broken Yellow R125. So thats one way to do it. So keep an eye out on floating around parts that may be coming from write offs. But Yamaha have released the new colour scheme for the YZF R125s now. If you look on this link : YZF R125 Colours There is an all black one but its got a large white stripe through it that was taken from the blue one. Personally i think the 2007/8 colours are better.
  8. Beadle1

    2009 YZF R125

    Hey guys i have the 2009 model of the YZF R125 on Order and i have been told its due for release in October-November 2008 Time but i do not know the new color layouts. Does anyone have picture or know IF or WHEN the 2009 model colors have been released because its only a couple of months until it comes out. And i want to be able to choose my color in advance.
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