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  1. I'm not aware of any electronic restriction - although not spoken to a dealer. As far as I know benefits from a race pipe would be pretty minimal, mainly weight saving (70% on some of them) and bypasses the cats so you might gain 1 or 2hp?
  2. Nice one platinum, yeah that's exactly what I want to do to the seathump - I asked this guy and he just said he paid a shop to do it and has no idea as to the paint code....helpful Wonder if it's the same as the R1/R6 red?
  3. Hi all, new hurr. I've got an R125 in Sport White with Red - fitted the tail tidy, removed pillion pegs and fitted a Yamaha single-seat hump. I now want to continue the red stripe visible right above the brake light down across the top of the hump. I'm quite happy with doing this myself - but does anyone know the correct colour code for the red on the R125? Any help much appreciated, Jon
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