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  1. The attitude is a big problem as you all say. Heard a 16 year old interviewed on radio today, admitted they were going looting. Their attitude was that if they're caught, it'd be their first offense & the law/courts wouldn't touch them! Lovely.
  2. We'll gladly lend you the PSNI, wouldn't take long to sort out the nonsense! Get the water cannons & baton rounds on the go.
  3. Welcome back!!! You have been missed. Foamy is gonna blow a gasket Good news, the usual suspects are still here. Bad news, the only Yam in my garage is a PW50! Daily runner is now a Honda. I can see this thread becoming very long too.... Lol
  4. Yes Pat, heading towards Carrigart area on Friday for few days. I'll keep you posted if I'm going on the bike!
  5. Pat, The family & I are headed to Donegal on Friday for few days. The brother-in-law & I are hoping to go up on the bikes, fingers crossed for good weather!!
  6. I've Had a few fzr's & never known one to have centre stand
  7. I bought my AGV Ti-Tech lid in their sale a few years ago. Was even reasonably happy with the price. But second time i wore it the protective anti-fog layer on the inside of the visor bubbled up & peeled off while i was riding. Was like riding in a total pea-soup fog, could see very little. I rang the store & was told that it had reacted to whatever I'd cleaned it with & it was my fault. I explained that i'd only worn it twice & hadn't cleaned it at all. No joy - they wouldnt stand over it or help. Then approx a month later the plastic lever on top of the lid that opens/closes the vents broke off. Again i rang the store, asked if it was covered under warranty. Was informed that they'd have to send it away to AGV to get examined incase i'd dropped it or caused the damage myself. But I was informed 'they would not accept liability for any damage caused in transit' plus they had no idea how long the process would take. I wasnt keen on some monkey throwing my potentially life-saving lid about in minimal packaging, then it rattling about a van like a pinball, so decided just to live with the broken bit. I havent been back to that franchise of HEIN GERICKE, thats HEIN GERICKE - though i have bought few bits from a different branch where i didnt have any trouble. But in my opinion, HEIN GERICKE, thats HEIN GERICKE, need to keep more control of their franchisees & focus on customer service. Rant over - sorry folks!! P.S., wonder would it do any good if we forwarded this thread onto HG's customer service department (if there is one) ???
  8. vic-fzr600


    I'm getting fed up with Gumtree. Used to be a fan but sick of stupid emails from people replying to ads, wanting to pay via paypal & asking you to post it to Kenya!
  9. Agreed Cynic, I intend to try a different tyre next time. Current is a Pirelli but was a bargain so not hugely upset it hasn't lasted very long. Whilst I was amazed how far I actually get over, I cant see me ever wearing the edges out!!
  10. My rear has squared off quite quickly despite me leaning but I've put it down to a soft compound & the rough abrasive surface on the rural roads I commute on. Could be wrong tho
  11. +1 on that comment DT !!
  12. Shit one. Be aware there's a chance that your credit rating may also have been affected as a result of your 'late payment' It's another example of company ineptitude
  13. Slightly off topic, but I hate comparison websites. They share your details with every Fecker under the sun. I used a well known comparison site when my car insurance was due, been bombarded since then with email, calls & txts from 3rd party companies trying to get me to claim for injuries I don't have from an accident I had 2 years ago!! Rant over, feeling better
  14. Foamster, I don't think they even had a price on it - was more a centrepiece for attention! I remember walking into another dealers many years ago & they had a Honda NR750 sitting on display (I've nearly stopped drooling now)
  15. I popped into one of my local dealerships on saturday, they have an XJ Turbo there with only 580 miles on it - that's better than porn to Foamy.....
  16. Looks good, foamy will be frothing like a rabid dog!!
  17. Maybe I'm missing something. can understand why they'd bury him at sea - but why so quickly?
  18. Agree with all this ^ used a hairdryer to take graphics off fairing panels before.
  19. It's been advertised for an age, started at £1500 - remember cos it was same time I was selling my Fzr. Same bike seems to have pinged around a few owners over past few years, seen it advertised before. But can't hurt to have a look!!
  20. Been having my daily trawl through the local bikes for sale - spotted a foxeye fzr600 for sale. It's been reducing in price week by week & is now down to £750. Has 22k miles, tax, mot & new Tyres. Need it like a hole in the head but kinda miss my Yam! Just gotta convince the wife it's a good idea....
  21. Is indeed lovely Weather here on the isle pat! I got out for few miles yday around the Co Down coast. Was with a friend on a Husqvarna supermoto - dam those things are loud!! Hopefully out tomorrow again if weather continues!! (though no husky cos it shat itself on the way home)
  22. vic-fzr600

    TT 3D

    Ok - typo on my part. Apologies!! On a lighter note, got me seat booked to see TT3D on Thursday so well excited. Anyone seen it yet?
  23. vic-fzr600

    TT 3D

    Was indeed an enjoyable series, think they're trying to make him the new Frank Dibnah!! Hope to see the movie this week, it had it's premiere here last week. Good luck to Guy for the TT & other events, TAS are my local team & seem to have a good package together
  24. It says 'For Day time use only'. Its printed just below the AGV logo. I also carry a clear visor when i know night time riding is likely.
  25. I use a silver iridium visor everyday. It's marked as 'for daytime use only' - but doesn't say anywhere that it's not road legal.
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