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  1. Lol, I wish! But it's not road legal at the min. Needs lights etc finished but I wanted a project anyway. The more I look, I'm starting to think it's actually the K Conversions kit instead of Tyga - but I don't care, I love how it looks
  2. Thanks folks I've wanted one for ages. I'll def be doing a project thread Pat, looking forward to some tinkering again. Hopefully get it home at the weekend, its a bit of a drive (about 2 1/2 hours each way) but will be worth it. Heres the only pic i have at the min. I think it has potential after some TLC. May not be everyones taste but i love the fairings & seat kit. Doesnt look like a 20 year old bike!
  3. Hi folks! In my last post I mentioned I was looking for a new project. Well, just paid the deposit on my new baby! I've bought a Honda VFR400 NC30. Its got a full Tyga fairing kit, seat unit etc. Been sitting for a while but runs, so hopefully a good service, clean fuel & degunked carbs should sort that. Paintwork isn't to my liking so that'll be getting redone too, but that's the fun of a project - stamping your own personality on it. Can't wait to get it home, probably be the weekend at the earliest but I'm so pleased!
  4. Not think you have enough on your plate?!?! Lol
  5. Lol Foamy! But actually shes being dead on, I have free reign to buy whatever I like apparently. The cogs are churning to try & decide exactly what I'm looking for....
  6. Looking good! Hope youre still enjoying it, plenty of miles planned for 2012? I'm determined to get a few days away on the bikes, gonna do the coast run up towards you then down towards enniskillen. Should be fun
  7. I know, think I'll go see it tomorrow. Have a real notion for a project at the min, the Honda never needs much work & I miss tinkering like i did at the FZR! Either that or I'll put the time, money & effort into a new bike for my oldest son and pass the PW50 to the next in line
  8. Hey folks!! As the regulars know, I've a huge soft spot for FZRs & have had a couple! Well, my daily trawl through the local classifieds has unearthed a cheap 3HE in decent shape, needs a little cosmetic tlc but apparently starts & runs well. I can feel a purchase & project coming on! Just gotta convince the wife it's a good idea....
  9. vic-fzr600

    Bad editing

    Yip, she was built in Harland & Wolff shipyard and sank in 1912 - exactly 100 years ago! Coincidence?!?!?! lol
  10. Where abouts are ya? I've had a few fzr's and would love another as a project. Kinda miss the tinkering!! But no point making u an offer if transporting it home would be a fortune
  11. So is it bought yet Foamster????
  12. Thanks for the help folks, all greatly appreciated!
  13. Hi guys, Need help on behalf of a biking friend. He's working on a project bike, didn't get documents with it. Has the engine number & frame number but no idea of the Reg. DVLA arent being any help, bouncing from one department & form to another, then back again. Anyone able to point us in the right direction? Is there a website anywhere that might be useful? Thanks in advance! Vic
  14. Welcome. There's a wealth of info on here from some very knowledgeable guys. I have electronic copies of manuals for fzr somewhere, shout if they're any use
  15. The family bought me set of scorpion pipes for the Honda - can't wait to hear the twin roar with them on!! Foamy, good work my friend!!
  16. Hi all, Just picked up a nice set of used Scorpion cans & link pipes at what I think was good value. Now, they don't have a BS stamp, but on the flip side they aren't stamped as 'not for road use' Reckon the bike will pass MOT with them on? It's a while off, and no big job swooping them back off for the test, but I'm curious!
  17. vic-fzr600

    NEC 2011

    Must admit I laughed at some of the punters who confidently swaggered up to try the silverstone experience - then promptly humiliated themselves!! Kwikasfucki made me grin too! And I def agree that there was some great eye-candy
  18. vic-fzr600

    NEC 2011

    I'm not sure, but I'll be back next year! Nice display from Yamaha to mark their anniversary. I'll try to get time to post few pics. Would be a good place for anyone needing gear - plenty of potential bargains (depending on size - typically nothing near my requirements) Also visited the motorbike museum - f*ck but they've a huge collection!!
  19. vic-fzr600

    NEC 2011

    Hi everyone, Back home after a great trip to the NEC. Really enjoyed the show, there was so much metal (and some quality flesh) to look at! Some of the custom stuff has to be admired, even if it's not your specific taste. Also gotta admit that the freestyle motocross show was very enjoyable, those guys have skills - espec the 13 year old german guy! There was a large amount of food & drink consumed as u may expect Roll on my next trip, maybe Autosport show in January or MCN in February.
  20. vic-fzr600

    NEC 2011

    Hey all, Just wondering if anyone is heading to the NEC for the bike show over the next week? I'm keen to hear peoples reports/Opinions. All being well, I'll be there next Saturday and I cant wait! Fingers crossed I don't have a repeat of last years fiasco where we sat on a plane for hours waiting for snow to clear - never did get off the ground
  21. Hope ya reported her to the cops, or at least got her to fork out for cost of repairs to the bike?
  22. I was unfortunately watching it live too. Got that really sick feeling when it happened. Never seen a helmet come off like that before.
  23. vic-fzr600

    foamys 19

    Happy birthday Foamy! Countdown is quality viewing - yer maths woman has a spectacular arse!! Lol
  24. Another big loss to the sport, a terrific character who will be missed. Also feel very sorry for Edwards & Rossi who had no hope of avoiding him. RIP Sic
  25. Sell it Pat - or give it to me! Lol I'll get another one of my boys onto it & increase the biking population again
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