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  1. I'd love to see a video of that or are you talking about KPH not MPH ?
  2. wakeymatt

    2009 YZF R125

    It must be identical to the 2008 surly ?
  3. wakeymatt

    yzf r125

    Ah well on the mend anyway, it's gona feel sweet when your back on the bike again.
  4. wakeymatt

    yzf r125

    Aaaargh was it a pins job ?
  5. wakeymatt

    yzf r125

    Wow thats gota hurt mate. what wrist was it, right or left ?
  6. Anybody got a de-restricted R-125 ? Whats it like over the standered etc
  7. wakeymatt

    yzf r125

    Please let us know how you fair with it.
  8. wakeymatt

    yzf r125

    Power commander is listed for yzf r125 on dynojet website for £279.65. Anybody got one yet ? http://www.dynojet.co.uk/powercommander/po...nder-prices.php
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