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    What is this?

    What is this Yamaha? I used to have one for around 3 years, then sold it on Ebay, this is identical to the one i sold, might buy it. But im keen to know what model it is. have a look and see? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...bayphotohosting
  2. On a Yamaha XS 250 Im looking into purchasing new front spring gaskets... Ive seen them on ebay, one pack contains two. How many oil gaskets are needed for the suspension???? Is it two for each side??? cheers..
  3. ןill try get a foto 4 u tomorow
  4. I think its a good idea I used to run a VW forum with my friend, and it costed us the earth Least you can (as the admin team) get some money back Afterall, this is how websites can pay for themselves.
  5. I have an open face helmet, as i think it goes with the age of my bike
  6. Go to Halfords, get a Super brilliance bulb, or their new Extreme brilliance I had a VW golf, and the bulb was a perfect fit on my Yamaha Xs250 so i use that now, lots of light
  7. Although ive never seen this on a bike, I watched charley boorman ireland to sydney by any means they had an oil leak in their airbox, turned out to just be a crappy seal find a manual or speak to yamaha im sure theyll know the exact problem, a new seal/gasket wont cost the earth! Try Keys Brothers, they specialise in Yamahas and are helping me with my xs250 01903 236842
  8. Found this, on Google for you. from, Topspeed.com (so i dont get sued) New price £2,999 Engine size 124cc Power 14.6bhp Top speed 75mph Insurance group 6 ------------------------------------------------------------ For 2008 Yamaha will launch the all-new YZF-R125, an exciting new member of the R-series family which is aimed at taking the number one position in the sports 125cc market. Featuring a liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine running in full-sized Deltabox chassis – and clothed in aggressive R-series style bodywork – the YZF-R125 is aimed at the young first-time 125 buyer who demands best-in-class engine and handling performance, and winning R-series style. Engine Yamaha’s first liquid-cooled 125cc 4-stroke 4-valve single The R125’s all-new 124cc 4-stroke engine is the most advanced in the category, and just like its larger-capacity R-series brothers, it has been developed to deliver class-leading performance. In order to achieve this goal, Yamaha’s engineers have created the company’s first ever liquidcooled 4-stroke single-cylinder 125cc SOHC engine. The new R125 benefits from a 4-valve cylinder head which delivers high levels of intake and exhaust efficiency for ultra-responsive performance. Fuel injection For instant throttle response, this new high-tech 125 features a compact fuel injection system fed by a large-capacity airbox which, combined with the two inlet valves, delivers optimum intake efficiency together with excellent throttle response across the rev range. Free-revving short-stroke engine Featuring bore and stroke dimensions of 52mm x 58.6mm, the compact short-stroke engine has a free-revving character which enables it to deliver strong acceleration. This short stroke layout – combined with the performance-boosting qualities of the 4-valve head, fuel injection system and free-flowing exhaust – gives the R125 the strongest overall performance in the 125 4-stroke class. R6-style mid-ship muffler Performance is also enhanced by the fitment of a free-flowing large-capacity R6-style mid-ship muffler, whose location helps to centralise mass for neutral handling performance. The exhaust system accommodates dual catalysers, as well as an air induction system which introduces air into the exhaust to enable more complete combustion of any unburnt gases, and in doing so it helps to reduce emissions to even lower levels. 6-speed transmission To optimise the class-leading performance characteristics of its all-new high-tech 125cc liquidcooled engine, the R125 is equipped with a 6-speed transmission which ensures strong acceleration and a competitive top speed. Technical highlights Liquid-cooled single-cylinder 4-stroke SOHC 4-valve cylinder head Wet-sump lubrication system Fuel injection Electric start 6-speed transmission R6-style mid-ship muffler Dual catalysers Air Induction system ---- Chassis Full-sized chassis with Deltabox frame Just like its larger R-series brothers, the new R125 features a lightweight Deltabox frame which delivers an optimum balance of strength and rigidity for class-leading handling performance. The twin spar Deltabox design has proved to be one of the lightest and best-handling frame designs in the supersport category, and its use on the new YZF-R125 underlines Yamaha’s total commitment to building the best-handling machine in the class. One of the most significant features of the new R125 is that it has been constructed with a fullsized chassis, which is unique in its segment. For example, the wheelbase on the new Yamaha R-series is 1,353mm, over 58mm greater than a typical sports 125, which helps to enhance stability. The larger physical size of the machine also allows our designers more freedom in creating a sporty yet comfortable riding position. And finally, the larger chassis gives the machine far greater presence on the street. Aggressively-styled full-sized supersport bodywork With its unmistakeable R-series styling, the R125 stands out in the crowd, and is easy to mistake for a much larger capacity machine. The dual headlights have a distinctive R-series look, while the low frontal area and small tail are clearly influenced by the bigger R-series bikes. And like the chassis, the bodywork is full-sized, making this new sportsbike the most impressive looking machines in the class. Aluminium swinging arm Complementing the race-bred Deltabox frame is a cast aluminium swinging arm. By keeping unsprung weight low, this high quality swinging arm allows the link-type rear suspension system to operate more efficiently and deliver more responsive handling qualities. 33mm diameter front forks Equipped with large-diameter 33mm tubes, the smooth-action front forks are designed to deliver accurate steering together with good rider comfort. For easy manoeuvrability this high quality front suspension system features a steering angle of 24.2degrees and trail of 86.1mm. And with 130mm of wheel travel – over 20mm more than some other models in the class – the full-sized forks on the new R125 perfectly complement the Deltabox frame and aluminium swinging arm to deliver stable yet responsive handling. Large diameter front disc High build quality is evident wherever you look on the new R125, and the front braking system is another example of Yamaha’s commitment to using only high-specification components. The large diameter 292mm front disc is slowed by a compact twin-pot caliper which delivers strong and progressive braking performance for good controllability over a wide range of speeds. The large single front disc is complemented by a 230mm rear disc, giving the R125 rider accurate control in town as well as on the open road. Lightweight alloy wheels with wide-section tyres As well as ensuring that the unsprung weight is minimised in order to enhance the front and rear suspension performance, the distinctive 10-spoke alloy wheels give the R125 a unique look. The lightweight wheels are fitted with some of the widest rubber in the class, with a 100/80-17 tyre at the front, and a massive 130/70-17 tyre at the rear, which ensure high levels of traction and underline the YZF-R125’s position as the main contender in the sports 125 class for 2008. Range of quality accessories Yamaha have developed a range of quality accessories for YZF-R125 owners wishing to customise their bike. The line-up includes a double bubble screen, a yoke, a seat cover, roller protectors and a tank pad. Technical highlights Lightweight steel Deltabox frame Cast aluminium swinging arm Aggressive R-series styling High quality components Leading build quality Full-sized chassis and bodywork 1,355mm wheelbase Sports riding position Dual R-series style headlamps 292mm diameter front disc brake 230mm diameter rear disc brake Ultra-compact tail cowl Compact LED tail light 33mm diameter front forks 130mm front wheel suspension travel 130/70-17 rear tyre; 100/80-17 front tyre Range of accessories: Double bubble screen Seat cover Carbon yoke protector Roller protectors Tank pad Available colours Burning Blue Sports White Impact Yellow Midnight black ---- Specifications Engine Engine type: Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, single cylinder, SOHC Displacement: 124.66 cc Bore x stroke: 52.0 x 58.6 mm Compression ratio: 11.2:1 Maximum power: 11.0 kW (15 PS) @ 9,000 rpm Maximum torque: 12.24 Nm (1,25 kg-m) @ 8,000 rpm Lubrication system: Wet sump Fuel System: Fuel injection Clutch type: Wet, multiple-disc coil spring Ignition system: TCI Starter system: Electric Transmission system: Constant mesh, 6-speed Final transmission: Chain Fuel tank capacity: 13.8 L Oil tank capacity: 1.15 L Chassis Chassis: Steel Deltabox Front suspension system: Telescopic forks Front travel: 130 mm Rear suspension system: Swingarm (monocross) Rear travel: 125 mm Front brake: Single disc, Ø 292 mm Rear brake: Single disc, Ø 230 mm Front tyre: 100/80-17 M/C Rear tyre: 130/70-17 M/C Dimensions Length: 2,015 mm Width: 660 mm Height: 970 mm Seat height: 818 mm Wheel base: 1,355 mm Minimum ground clearance: 155 mm Dry weight: 126.5 kg
  9. What are the speed limits in Spain? Im doing a eurotrip soon, 90kmh? 100kmh?
  10. A very good point. And if your feeling up to it, its worth going around all induvidual connections, and cleaning the rust/corrosion off just to ensure that every connection is completely reliable!!!
  11. The official manual assures a 'safe' top speed for the 400xs at 81mph as we all know we can tune cars/bikes to get at least 10% extra but do you really need to drive at 90mph??? I get frikkin terrified
  12. CharlyG

    1982 xs 400

    Take the headlight off, to reveal all your wires. check every single wire anyway for shorting or loose connections, and make sure the right colours are connected, (example, Blue wire with red stripe connected to a solid Blue wire) Then Lift up your seat check all your connections clean all connections if poss, bit of graphite paper does the trick/wire brush. and make sure all earths have good conenctions. Start with this
  13. CharlyG


    Check engine mounts for cracks Major issue with cars, maybe the rubber mounts on your engine are so gone your feeling everything would make your bike shake like crazy!
  14. With regards to paint. Do what i do, Experiment with a photo editing suite (Adobe photoshop) you can easily replace the colour without getting any spray cans out. Then you can really choose what you want! Sounds like you got big plans, i personally would love to read your project on this site as it goes along!!! Parts are f**king hard to come by though :S (I know im feeling it, even ebay is hard)
  15. oops clicked enter twice :s
  16. Looks beautiful friend! Any plans for a full restoration!?
  17. Great bike matey, looks fantastic
  18. Incredible job there buddy! I hope to get my XS 250 looking that clean (but ill keep mine )
  19. ? Helicoiled? Ill call around everywhere tomorow Dont they need to take the top end off the bike for this? or can the engine stay put?
  20. So today, i stripped and rebuilt my XS250 carbs. Re attached them to my bike reconnected all the leads and fired the bike up Revs zoomed way up to 5000rpm! :'( then wouldnt start again and battery has gone flat. After removing the sparkies to clean, before replacing, discovered the left side in the top end is now cross threaded. Im feeling useless and i rung up Yamaha, on,y to hear theyve discontinued a majority of the parts. had a quote for repairs to my top end, being around 120.00 ish, (if im lucky) not having much luck with this bike at the moment
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