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  1. I use the High temp engine paint on my last bike to paint the entire exhuast pipe, you can get it at autozone and walmart, supposed to be for painting engine blocks n what not
  2. thats hot i wanna try that with my 1000, do like an R1 conversion to it
  3. ok i think im right in the assumption, the bike goes into gear, so its not my clutch, the clutch lever is no longer frozen, so im thinking slave cylinder? i dont know what else it could be.
  4. JDM Ron

    My bike

    My girl caught me as i was moving my bike lol
  5. Im gonna have to start with the slave next, because i rebuilt the master cylinder, the clutch lever moves and all that good stuff but it wont go into gear, so im just gonna be going down the line. and no lol im not holding the brake lever, i wish i was that stupid though cuz atleast i could do some riding
  6. anyone else have any ideas? im open to about everything right now i just want my bike back on the road
  7. Is bleeding the clutch different from bleeding the Line? im sorry like i said im new to this so i have no idea
  8. i dont think its kinked, i tried bleeding the lines, shop down the street told me theres a piston inside the master cylinder attached to the clutch lever that gets caught if its been sitting for a while, i know the bike hasnt been ridden atleast since june of last year, im gonna run down the list and start with the master cylinder, hopefully i wont have to do the clutch on it, im still fairly new to bikes, not so much cars though
  9. clutch lever will not pull in right now - don't know if the slave cyl is frozen, clutch is incorrectly installed, or what. will go through all gears in tranny when sitting, all gears are firm. clutch is disengaged completely when started. (ie: put it in gear and it doesn't move) what does anyone think of this? i like the bike but i dont want to do a clutch or anything serious
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