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  1. thanks for all your help guys. turned out it was a few small things that together made it unrideable. first thing i checked int he morning was the tyre pressures. they were both down by 15 psi. so sorted that. then checked to see if it was straight. was fine. checked the bolts and bearings and they were fine. its in the shop now having a new wheel fitted. they measured the psi when i got there and they found the front wheel had a slow puncture as well. im having the fork seals completely replaced too. and the water out of the exhaust is normal in small amounts and turns out i have a small hole in the joint anyway which the garage said not to worry about for now. the main problem was ive only been ridding a year and a half and a squared off front tyre with half the psi missing to me seems worse than it does for seasoned veterans lol. but as i said before thank full for all the advice. look out for a red fazer, scotland here i come!! david
  2. just bought a fazer off ebay. looked fine so like a fool i didnt test ride. drove it home in a van because there was no tax. just got it out and noticed it doesnt ride straight and when i go round corners the steering flops into which ever way i go. the tyre appears to be squared off. flat in the middle with obvious edges either side. the dust caps on the forks have rotten and are completely loose too. i have no idea why i even bought it. any ideas what the problem is? oh the fairing is fine and the frame and engine look fine too. definatly hasnt been crashed. any help welcome cheers david
  3. this issue is regarding a xj600s 1996. i have a strange clunking noise when i pull away and in second gear. thought it might be the chain slipping. so i lifted the back end and tried to spin the back wheel to find a broken tooth. but the wheel doesnt spin freely and makes a clunking noise as i role it round manually. i checked to see if the brake pad is touching the disc and one side is and the other is 1mm off. not sure if this is normal. i have no idea what the issue is and dont fancy getting ripped off for something that i could do myself. any ideas welcome. cheers david
  4. hello everyone, i have a yamaha xj600 diversion and the clocks are missing. someones idea of a streetfighter look i guess!! just wondering weather any old clocks will fit the bike? i have a friend whos handy with electronics and another whos offering a bandit set of clocks. will it work? any help much appreciated. david
  5. hi guys. sorry to say i had to sell my r6 for spares after the engine blew up! so for a short while i will be owning a divvy. i bought it for less than i usually pay for my helmets!! but its in need of tlc. one major issue is the alternator cover has been replaced by a none yamaha cover and now its falling off. i cant seem to find an alternator cover anywhere as most people who are stripping bikes dont want to take it from the engine. does anyone know a specialist or a few other models that would fit exactly? thanks for your time people.
  6. not sure if this will work, im no wizkid...
  7. perhaps i should try to get a replacement engine and get it fitted. i dont want to see it go. and itll never make as much money as its worth to me in the state its in. i notice u own a superdream, im working on one myself, u know any place who specialises in parts?
  8. i have a 99 r6. its sprayed black, immaculate, new chain and sprockets, tyres, plugs all the essentials. original exhaust. however....the pistions have blown. so the engine is knackerd. im trying to find out if its worth repairing or if the selling value is good i will sell. any information welcome. oh, obviously it has mot and tax too. this is a bad time to loose your r6!! so i need to get a new one or this one fixed fast! lol it must have known summer was coming...... cheers david
  9. the front end of the bike jumps up and down wildly.
  10. my idle on my 99 r6 wont sit still. it will go from 0.2k revs - 2.5k revs. it happens with no apparent pattern. and under heavy braking whilst ridding it tends to stall as i slow to a stop. attempting to adjust the idle results in it going from 0.2k straight to 2.5k revs. one thing that could have affected it was the fact that i put a race can on and used it for about 150 miles of hard ridding. but my low down power was affected so i changed back to the standard exhaust. now i get this issue which has not occurred before. i used to have the idle set at 1-1.5k revs with no issues before hand. now the other issue, which is most likely linked, is the bluey-grey smoke and erratic power delivery. is smokes when into the 10k revs range and the power is sometimes a few seconds behind the revs. the oil light did come on while this was happening. i checked it and it was low, so i topped it up. but the problem is still occurring. i hear that changing the end can, can sometimes affect the balance of the carbs.... or perhaps its something more sinister... it was last serviced late november 08 and hasnt been ridden that much till now. any help welcome. thanks
  11. i have a 99 r6. at low speeds, 30mph and under. applying the front brake causes a kangaroo affect. ive been told it may be the forks, the discs, or even a incorrect wheel alignment. (although i suspect the later problem would make it difficult to ride at all...) any help welcome. thanks
  12. i had a full service just before winter. and i havnt ridden as often as i do in the summer.
  13. yes it did. i took it out today. no tap or noise.... very confusing. i wouldnt normaly worry, but this was really loud tapping, and i love my bike lol.
  14. ive had my 1999 r6 a while now wiht no problems. but today after accidentaly taking a wrong turn and going down a muddy rocky farm road (slowly) it began to tap in conjunction with the revs i gave it. i.e, the more revs, the more taps. fairly loud. it sounded really bad at the time so i stopped and let it cool down a bit. on the way home it kept taping. but getting quieter. heres where i explain ive been riding witha guy on a 125 and as of late i rarely exceed 50mph. so when i got home i took it to my local duel carrige way and gave it some. after that no noise. havnt riden it since incase its serious. perhaps the tap-its?? im thinking of taking it to a mechanic. but any information given would help me not get ripped off, as i have no clue. so he could tell me anythign for any price and i would probably do it. cheers for any input. david
  15. i have a 99 r6. its has carbs and no race cans or modifications. in the summer it tended to need a bit of time to warm up, otherwise it would stall when no throttle was being used. but in the winter it needs to get up to 80 degrees b4 it can have to choke taken off. and it takes up to ten minutes some days. is this normal behaviour for this type of bike or do i have issues? also i gave it a full service and rejetted the engin just before the winter.
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