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  1. cockspur


    Sorry Guys, should have introduced myself first. I'm a 64 year old born again biker who has just repassed his test after DVLA refuted him having a bike licence. I passed my first one in '60,
  2. All a power commander does is interupt the temp reading and makes the ecu think it needs richer mix to warm up. You can get the same effect from a 20 pence resitor from Maplins. Either get a dyno run done and get the engine fully mapped or fit "Microsquirt" ECU and get your ride dyno'd and tuned. Microsquirt gives you many more options to set the bike up properly on a dyno
  3. Had a small leak on my XTZ750 Used Plastic Paddings " Leak Fix" good for petrol and sets in 10 mins Took the tank off and stood it in the sun, leak pointed at the sun. Went to Halfords and bought the product £4.79, plus a pencil with a fibreglass tip, used to abrade the surface around the leak to remove paint and make sure you get back to shiny metal, and that the area is DRY and free from petrol. Mixed up Leak Fix and applied 10mins later the job's a gud un
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