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  1. I bought the 125 Dragstar, no regrets great bike ok not the fastest in the world but from 1-3 gear to gets to 40 mph pretty quickly for a 125 but I have to say if your learning to ride a motorbike I found this spot on. Finally after many years riding bikes decided to go for my full license test tommorrow because this bike gave me tons of convience. And ya if I do pass its 650 for me. I found best sitting your test on a 500 means you can drive any bike.
  2. The only advice I would give you about helmet is get one that has vents this helps prevents the visor steaming up when your driving. Only problem is when you become stationary at traffic lights sometimes they steam up but I just open it alittle it will soon clear. On driving all I can say is take your time and dont worry about anyone else, your safety comes first, enjoy riding your bike and drive at a speed your comfortable with at the moment until you built your confidence
  3. Also there's an update on the suspected breather valve / restrictor valve I see you say there is an update on the above value what does this update do?
  4. Cheers for the replies. Ordered a sissy bar and rack on Tuesday I think it just finishes the bike off. I love the look of the bike and the way it drives, very comfortable, its the hills that do my heed in lol but for getting around I am enjoying riding the bike. I am am not so keen on the DTR more of a off road bike for me. One of the things I do like about the Dragstar is sounds like a big bike. Goff not about speed of me its about gettting up hills nicely and there is tons of the mothers were I live, If I can cruise at 70 I would be happy. Are you serious about a hypercharger being fitted to dragstar???? I think its time to think about driving test to get a bigger cc really got the bug for the bikes now considering I was an old die hard scooterist. SORRY m8 highjacking thread.
  5. Feck me ppl, that just mental riding with no helmet I bought the bike purely for getting to and fro from work but wanted abit more poke as well. As I am a lazy git I havent bothered sitting my test and the nearest test center bloody 40 miles away, I just sit my CBT test every couple of years. Like most driven on two wheels for 20 years but confess this is my first motor bike of this type. I bought the dragster not because I wannabe Harley cause hate the fecking things but because when you ride the bike it very simliar to driving lambretta scoots you sit in an upright position but just found that these things have no guts and was look for a cheap fix to get a little more guts out of it. Reading some of the replies and having thought about things the wee platic thingy is going back. Is there any other way of giving the bike more guts without spending a ton of money?????. Oldtimer or Goff seem to be the experts whats your thoughts????
  6. Excellent I like a good bonfire, at least I will go out in a ball of fire. If your going to go do it in style
  7. Yip I can confirm the Harleys are broken down more times than they are on the road, as Im usually parked next to them with one of my lambretta,s breaks down. That is why I bought a realible Yamaha I like to arrive at place the same day and driving a bike instead of arriving by AA
  8. LOL m8, maybe some day when im skint or fancy a bigger bike, I like to think they are Harleys as they often break down as much as them .
  9. Job done it works and you were right had to turn the ide down a tad, I got an extra 12 mph lol on the top end
  10. Hi just got myself a dragstar but it just needs finishing off at the back. I have not a clue were to look or buy one from anyone got any ideas or links
  11. Cool m8 just got myself a 125 Dragstar and heard that there was some sort of restriction. So thanks for that Just one think after you remove the plastic thing is there anything else required to make sure it ticks over or runs smoothly??
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