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  1. I'm awaiting funding at the moment. I am also mid transit from exiting the Army, so my bike unfortunately it has to wait. Once I get settled in to my new location I will be ordering it and picking it up as JC Whitney is about a 3 hr drive from my house. BTW I see your in Chicago, I will be in Rockford, IL for about 2 months while I wait for my documents to process. Let me know if your interested in another XS as I am taking a mid-east contract for 2 years and it will sit dormant otherwise. [email protected] if interested in acquiring. I'm not too sure what its worth needing a new float and all, but we could defiantly work something out. -Bill
  2. My XS360 for a 400, or anything that functions with electric start? I just re injured my ankle and am tried of kick starting the thing. All she needs is new a new float in the right carb, everything else is fairly well dialed in.(ish) I am still awaiting surgery on my ankle and I got the steroid shot in it, now I don't realize untill a few days later that I hurt my self. [email protected] and I will zip you some pics if interested in a trade. This is a title for title swap, no cash. -Bill
  3. New Carb floats will be required unless you fellas have any suggestions on how I might save them. -Bill
  4. Anyone ever do it? I have an old Kazuma ATV electric starter that sure looks like it would bolt right up..... What else beyond wiring issues and rigging a mount is required? I remember reading something about a starter chain or something to that effect once? Anybody either know the theory behind it, or better yet have an XS360/400 with electric start that would post up some pics of mounting of the starter and how it connects to the engine? -Bill
  5. http://www.jcwhitney.com/55-WATT-H-4-HALOG...14762_10111.jcw Actually I just found this right after I posted the other link. I will be ordering a setup and testing it out. Not trying to jack someone else's thread, but if it works good on my bike I will be doing my VW with lights from the same manufacturer. -Bill
  6. http://www.savannajones.com/products/97009_111.htm What about a conversion from sealed beam to H4 bulbs like this one shown? If it would work, then maybe someone wants to go in for half? They come 2 to a kit after all.. -Bill
  7. OK, time for an AAR on this repair..... I took the carbs apart last night while on CQ duty(24hrs with nothing better to do) and started cleaning and about 9 hrs later I got board of that, but man what a difference. I thought I had been a bit of a perfectionist before, but I stole some of the wife's nail polish remover and went to town with some pipe cleaners and Q-tips and rags. I broke the carbs down to the housing and just cleaned the heck out of it. I took some dental picks to the float chamber to remove 31 years of crud and now its clean as a dinner plate. I sealed the carb boots with some make a gasket that Ive had good luck doing similar types of repairs with in the past on my VW, so what the heck if I can save a few bucks for next season they will be replaced then. I synced the carbs to perfection by eyeball and I am convinced that a vacuum gauge couldn't get them any closer than they are now. I also found that the float on the right side was "holy" so I sealed it with some epoxy. Next season I will have some spare cash to fix it properly, plus its not worth it for the month or so I have left before going back to IL where it will be cold again. That and a 4 week lead time on the parts from the dealer made me get creative. So I will update tomorrow if she runs smooth at long last or if I need to look elsewhere. -Bill
  8. Welcome, I am also a XS360 new owner. This group has already helped me tons, and its defiantly worth participating. Thanks to yall I will be back on the road tomorrow. Pics of the bike please! -Bill
  9. Hm, I will try that myself this evening or maybe tomorrow whilst on CQ duty at the barraks. 24 hrs of nothing but time, though no internet... And no its Byron, IL.....the communist state, the state that brought you barak hussane obama, may he loose the election. Im currently at Fort Campbell, Ky until I get my walking papers this month or early next month. -Bill
  10. My 360 is damn near doing the same thing. I found that I need to replace the intake boots, your mileage may vary. I will watch this to see if someone has a better suggestion than that. -Bill
  11. I think the air filters were a contributing factor, but not the complete answer. I found out I need the carb mounts for the engine to carb mounting as it seems to have cracked due to age. Any way to avoid spending a hundred bucks on parts at the dealer on this? -Bill
  12. Well here she is in mostly fully running trim! It seems the oil did indeed work, now I just have a bit more tweaking to do and she will be perfected. OH yea here is some pics for yall of her cleaned up. I still have some work to do on the left side pipe, but there is chrome under all that rust! The pipes sound fantastic for such a small bike, not obnoxiously loud, but not so quiet as to be ignored either. -Bill
  13. OK, talked with a friend of mine who is much better than I and he reminded me of the older lycoming aircraft engines that won't run right without the oil applied to the foam type filters due to it causing a lean out condition. That being said I have squirted K&N air filter oil on the filters and am letting it dry. I will test this tomorrow afternoon and see if that improves things or not by adding some restriction to the filters. There was oil applied to the filters when I cleaned them, so why not oil them up and try it? Any other ideas? -Bill
  14. OK, with the exception of one bad float everything is clean as a whistle. I have temporarily mended the float with some double bubble solvent and fuel safe epoxy. Now I have a question, I was reading my manual again and it states "Don't run the carbs without the air filters in place. The manufacturer has designed and jetted the carb to take into account the restriction of the air filters installed." Now lets suppose the stock air filters were not present. They were instead replaced with some crappy foam lawn mower type pod filters mounted directly to the carbs with the balance tube removed and all air ducting removed. They were dirty as hell when I got it and she ran perfect. I just cleaned the air filters and now it won't stay running and does all of the above mentioned things. What are the chances that it was caused by the lack of stock type setup? Does anyone have a brand of pod filters that fit and work well? -Bill
  15. 1977 Yamaha XS360........ I know this is one of those stupid simple fixes, and I will probably kick myself for not knowing, but I will ask away as there is no such thing as a stupid question when it comes to 2 wheels in my book. OK, I have adjusted and adjusted and adjusted my idle speed until the bike will stay running on its own. -+ 1300-1500 depending upon its mood. Oh by the way I cannot use the choke to warm up the bike as it dies every time. Bike runs great, power is smooth until I stop at stop sign at which it promptly dies every time unless I roll the throttle a bit. On another topic, I am still trying to find the magic spot on the clutch, but even in neutral it does this, so its not me. or the clutch, unless its got some wired interconnection that I am unaware of. Any ideas? BTW there are no vacuum leaks that I can find so far. Last week I warmed it up just fine and dandy with the choke and then turned it off and adjusted my idle speed and the bike ran flawlessly. Now I'm wondering if maybe I should lock tight the idle speed screw? If not that than I am out of ideas and am open to suggestions. -Bill
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