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  1. DebtMan

    HID Lights

    The headlight mod only adds the extra dipped beam on the H4 bulb. HID will be loads brighter than that. Mine has been done - before I bought it - and the headlights are still crap. Dunno about alignment post mod though. I'm buying a new H4 & H7 off a bloke on FOC-U - Philips X-Treme +50% bulbs. Apparently LOADS better....fingers crossed. Then it's the headlight relays mod next. This you COULD do without affecting the warranty as you can revert to standard in seconds.
  2. Nice one mate, thanks. Didn't even consider looking there. Looks like there is a difference: up to & including 2001, 14v & 18A @ 5000rpm vs 2002 onwards, 14v & 21A @5000rpm. Could be a worthy upgrade if anyone's thinking of adding load to their S1. eBay here I come...lol. Thanks again steve m
  3. DebtMan

    HID Lights

    Guess you're right. How bizarre that Yamaha would allow such poor headlights on their S1, then repeat the mistake on the S2. D'oh!! The 400cc Japan only S1 has twin H4s. How come you don't want to try the headlight mod?
  4. Already done that mate....was there first...lol. Thanks all the same. Wonder if a late model Haynes manual would have a nay details about it?
  5. Hi, Would I be correct in thinking that the post-'01 600 Fazers had an uprated alternator compared to the pre-'01? Thanks DM
  6. DebtMan


    Have a look at the Motrax Hootaz too...they're no Nautilus, but at £9.99 for 135dB, you can't really argue: http://www.motrax.co.uk/index.php?page_nam...;product_id=758 or be heard trying to.....lol
  7. You ain't offended me mate, the Fazer does EVERYTHING I need it to very well indeed. On the engine front, how are they different? They're supposed to share the same motor, Fazer being a de-tuned 'Cat....likewise Fazer 1000 being a de-tuned Thunderace.
  8. DebtMan

    HID Lights

    Hi. Bit puzzled on this - don't you have twin H4 lamps up front? You ought to have excellent lighting. Have you tried Philips X-Treme Power bulbs? 80% more light, 20-30m greater throw: http://www.inter-bike.co.uk/inter-bikeshop...%Twin%Bulb%Pack I hear hearty recommendations on them. I'm riding a Series 1 pre-foxeye 51 plated Fazer 600.....now THERE is some crappy lighting. I was thinking about going to HID but the cost is out of my reach at the moment. Something that has been mentioned on another forum is to upgrade your existing setup with beefier wiring & relays and I like a little project or two so I'm gonna give it a go. Cost is minimal, ditto time needed. Info here: http://www.ebbo.org/headlamp_relays.php and the beauty is that you can revert to your standard setup in seconds if you need to for some reason or if a relay fails.
  9. I'm thinking HID conversion at the moment. The extra wiring mod only adds extra sidelight functionality doesn't it??? I don't run lights in the day unless the weather is bad and then never only sidelights anyway...work habit. I'm wondering about the possibility of fitting another H4 in place of the H1.
  10. Shweeet. Very nice job on the wheels...did you do that yourself? DM
  11. Best guess off the top of my head, would be a short of some sort. Have a look at the wiring diagram in the Haynes manual and see if it throws anything up. Otherwise, check for water ingress or chafing somewhere. Also, go and ask the same question here: Fazer Owners Club - Unofficial. HTH DM
  12. I take it you're looking at later model Fazers then? My 51 plate was £2500, but there are loads around for much less than that. They're all excellent machines that will do what you need them to do. The Fazer is probably more comfy for commuting. I was looking at getting a Thundercat, but the Fazer came up at the right price and condition, so I went for it. No regrets at all so far. Sorry for the thread hijack, just a quickie. As they share the same engines, Fazer & Thundercat, can the de-tuned Fazer versions be re-tuned to Cat standards? Thanks DM
  13. DebtMan


    Who was that with? I was with Bennetts, but went to eBike when I bought the Fazer 600 (51 plate, £2500) and have a two bike policy with them at a cost of £146 fully comp. I'm 39 with 4 years ncb.
  14. I'm with the majority here. Sportsbikes are hopeless for commuting. That's not to say they can't but it's not their ideal role, plus as I suspect you already know, the insurance will be astronomical. Avoid the RS bikes like the plague unless you're very VERY clued up on 2 strokes, esp the RS125. They're a maintenance nightmare, temperamental and very sensitive to warm ups, fluids, etc. Blown top ends and motors are common. As a first bike, I bought and rode for 4 years, a Kawasaki ZR550 Zephyr. Ideal first bike imho, taught me a hell of a lot about riding and about my own capabilities and limitations. Not very glamorous, but true 115mph capable, handles excellently and insurance cheap to reasonable. Go with a 400-600cc middleweight. Try to avoid sports bikes til later on. My 51 plate FZ600 Fazer is excellent and you can get them very cheap indeed. Even restricted, they'll be good, plus when you de-restrict, you'll get known handling capabilities with more power...a great learning curve. This also applies to other middleweights, Hornet, Bandit, etc - all good machines, cheap to run, very reliable, easy to maintain, comfortable, reasonable insurance and cheap to buy. If you've got the money, buy a cheap commuter (shafties good...GT550, Deauville, etc) and cut your teeath on those til your restriction is up, then buy your sports bike after that. HTH DM
  15. Hi All, Just a quickie...oo-er missus. Just bought a 51 plate FZS600 Fazer and loving everything about it bar the Godawful headlights. Live in Midlands, work for ambulance service. That's about it. Good Morning and Hello. DM
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