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    Ownd: Hongdou CG125, Yammy Tzrr 125 (italien import) Current: Yammy YZF-R125

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    I like to go out threw the cuntry lains like any other ryder, and injoy most things in life
  1. nahh ther restriced electronicaly buy the ecu so it mite b caperbal of reaching the 100mph mark but not much further with the current gearing
  2. from what iv been told this is a 4 stroke and it cant be deristriced but others hav said difernt if it wasnt restriked then i would of thort that yamaha wouldnt b able ot do the elctronic tweeks, so i recon the injectors are running at less power than ther capible to well flow or somehtin like that
  3. so i have done the wrong thing in takeing the metal plate out, your saying to fully close it if so y dont you just take the whole little blak pipe off and block the whole in the air box where it conected to it???. iv thort about geting an induction kit, i was goin to get a custom exhaust and induction system off a company near me and their qoat for the induction and exhaust was cheaper if not he same as one of thos exhausts you can get for the bike allready lol, well im prepared to try anything to get more out of it so im goin to blok the pip up from the airbox and see how that goes, any other ideas let me know please with air raming idea have you seen or herd about thows electric turbos??? whats you opinion on them?
  4. iv had 84 bounceing i off the limiter, and thay have 170 big bore kit fot it f you want more out of it or loads of peple have talked about yamaha beeing able to do some electronis twweks to make it faster but u need a full licence or something, nice choice of car btw is it the 32r or 34r i prefer the 32r i like to square body shape
  5. Well im only 8 and half stone so thers where i get mine and you d haff to tuck in well and a hill helps i stugeld o get mine to the limiter in top gear. Have you tryed useing v power fule that mite give you some more ummffff.... lol
  6. ill vote that lol dam numberpalte looks out of place low down
  7. nope but thanks for informing me will do soon
  8. Im noy compleatly sure thats just what i was told
  9. wel iv been told by te yammy dealer that the bike will keep its valu of £3000 for 3yrs as long as is looked after to the book cant do nothing to compromise the warenty, thats all i can tell you sozz i dont rearly understand it my self. With al the mods iv got in action whats a warenty lol still im goin to be keeping it longer than 3 yrs lol just as a toy lol
  10. when i got mine on fineance for 3yrs i got given a sertificet that says it will b worth its perchaseing vale for 3yrs so im not goin to loose out and im sure ther are others offering thesame deal, youl also get abit more than 2-3 bhp thers alot you can do to it, like go and get it remapped or bigger jets. i recon it will see the 100 mark but not furter than 115 at a very good push
  11. i agree with you but if you get the acel up with out changeing the gearing, when it comes to gear it up the acel to top end ratio will b back to around the bikes original if you get me ?
  12. well thers crrently the micron and scorpian or you can folow the road i took and get a custome induction system and exhaust for less thn either exhausts lol
  13. mite b a fule problem i.e not gettig enuff i had lots with my tzr 125r i had sum paint flakes in my tank and it kept bloking up my fule pip and the bike wouldrev its nutts off lol, or it mite b a sparking problem what is actualy hapening, is it the starter turnin over but its not getting the engin to tik over ???
  14. Wel the verdict is in and it feels abit pokeyer and smoother i think espechialy in the low gears (1st,2nd), but an improvement, had a strong head wind on way home so will try top end soon and let you no if thers ay improvement. But so far tar for the tip slowly cracking the biek open lol
  15. Rite iv don as follows, i found the blak box bit and taken the bak metal plate off compleatly but let the flexible bit on ther so i shall se how it gos after work and will post to let u no how it went lol i cant wate till home time now lol
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