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  1. Heya dude =) I've got a ybr 125, there are a fair few of us on here... Mostly with tyre issues thou lol! As for de-restricting... all i've heard is that the ybr is just restricted by a small engine. (bit like honda cg's) so i dunno if ur gonna be able to find much info... however! If you do i'd love to know it too as i've recently passed my test on my ybr and wud consider derestricting mine too =D
  2. L2wis

    Tyre size

    i've ordered these tyres for my ybr too =D looking forwards to getting them on it!
  3. L2wis

    YBR 125 Russian Model?

    Bit of a thread revival but i've got one of these bikes The dealer told me it's a paralle eu import =) Midlands superbikes is where i got mine from £1.695 on the road! Been a great bike so far!!!
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