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    What you've said here got me thinking. They have to prove beyond resonable doubt that I was exceeding the speed limit and to what extent. They have to provide evidence to this extent. Now I'm sure an estimate will not stand up in court since they were going off their own speedometer. It was a normal panda car not a Traffic patrol vehicle so therefore will not have a calibrated speedometer. I've asked about what methods a policeman may use to gauge my speed and these appear limited to Radar, Laser, VASCAR and pacing. None of these methods were applied in my case. I'm trying to be optomistic at this point but its hard work. In answer the other chap's question yes I am the guy who passed my test and jumped on an R1. I'm still getting used to it and a 150mph+ police chase just isn't in my remit. I swear blind I was never travelling at that speed at any point whilst on the M62 that day. Now its going to be a matter of what the police say and what my solicitor says.
  2. Jambon


    I got pulled over by the West Yorkshire Police whilst travelling Westbound on the M62 just before I was due to come off on junction 26. I noticed a police car in my right side mirror with its flashies on so pulled out of its way. Upon pulling out of its way I noticed it followed me. I realised I was the target so pulled onto the hard shoulder. I switched off my engine and began removing my helmet and gloves. I then put the bike on its sidestand. As I was putting the bike on its stand a policeman approached me from the right side and said 'far too fast to me'. He then said 'you can kiss your license goodbye'. Another policeman then approached from the left side and asked me to get off my bike and come sit in the back of the car so they could explain what was going to happen. As I moved to the policecar the 2nd policeman suggested I take off my backpack and bumbag so I could sit comfortably in the vehicle. I did as instructed and sat in the back of the vehicle. I sat in silence for a few minutes while the second policeman spoke about me on the radio and the first one was writing notes. I asked the policeman on the left what was going on and he said that his colleague would explain in a moment. The policeman on the right then asked why I was travelling so fast and I said I didn't think I was travelling that fast. The policeman said that they had been chasing me over some distance and that they were flat out and I was pulling away from them. They said they'd lost me at one point and it was only that I was bogged down in traffic that I'd slowed down and that they had caught up with me. They said they estimated my speed to be in excess of 150mph. The policeman on the right said that I shouldn't even bother trying to tell him that my bike was incapable of that speed because he knew what speed it was capable of. I was then cautioned that I was getting a notice of prosecution for exceeding a speed limit and also for dangerous driving. I was told that the dangerous driving was given purely because of the speed I was travelling. I was also told that they didn't normally do motorway work and that they were on their way home from Bradford when I went past them. I was also told that there was no video evidence because their video system was broken. Ok guys I'd like some opinions here... I feel I was not travelling anywhere near the speed they quoted and I tend to avoid overtaking police cars since I see it as asking to get pulled over. I'm kind of curious as to the validity of evidence they are going to present in court against me. Since they have no way of knowing my speed without actually measuring it, how can they determine to what extent I was exceeding a speed limit? I'm kind of crapping myself over this as I stand to lose my license and god knows what else. I travel 45 miles to work each day so this isn't something I can afford to have happen to me. If nothing else this is something interesting for you guys to ponder over. I'm anxiously awaiting replies
  3. Here's a question on this subject. I've had a car license for nearly 11 years and only had my full bike license since March. How am I affected by this new driver policy? Would 6 points on my bike mean having the bike part revoked or do I get counted as old school? Either way license is still clean at the moment despite riding a mobile gatso magnet
  4. unfortunately can't make this one either, I'm in Hong Kong with my lady.
  5. I'll have to apologise for not attending this one. I had a training course for work starting the next day so spent the afternoon in the car travelling to it.
  6. Jambon

    Driving me mad

    I bet he was so upset he went home to count his billions to cheer himself up
  7. Jambon

    April Fools Bike

    I've had a lecture pretty much everyday since I got my R1. I'll quote my dad, 'Of all the stupid things you've done in your life this is the most idiotic'. I had to come back with something convincing so my reply was, 'it looks pretty though doesn't it Dad?' He wasn't amused. At the end of the day they are looking out for our safety when they get upset like that. The usual way they get to us is using the 'it may not be you, its the other clowns on the road', way of trying to convince us that riding a bike is bad. However, our families have to bear in mind that we are adults and therefore capable of making our own decisions. We know we in a high-risk catagory. We get reminded everyday that there are indeed clowns on the road. I've only had my bike license about three weeks but I'm convinced bikes are invisible sometimes with the amount of people who want to pull out of junctions on me. In getting a bike we accept these risks as it is our choice to do so. It's also up to us to exercise restraint and common sense in how we ride. These are the biggest factors in determining our life expectancy. I was given hell for passing my test and jumping on an R1 but as I pointed out, it will only go as fast as I twist my wrist. You might argue that I should of got something smaller but as my confidence and competance rise (hopefully the latter rises faster) then maybe I'll want to have a bit more fun. Jeez I talk a lot of rubbish. Nice weather outside, I'm off to Cromer for a blast.
  8. Jambon

    Free and Single

    You have a transalp, you sure you're cool?
  9. Jambon

    Free and Single

    Ouch!! Splitting up with my wife actually made it possible for me to get a bike.
  10. I might pop over there, I live in Norwich so it isn't too far away.
  11. I hope I'm not going to be posting on this thread too much but this weekend I had an even more embarassing moment than my previous one. I'd had a pair of oxford sport panniers fitted to my R1 to cart around my bits and bobs when travelling to Colne in Lancashire to see my girlfriend. I pulled over and got off my bike in quite a busy street to check my map since I'd never been there before. I'm not a tall chap at 5ft7in so getting my leg over the R1 is a little worrying as it is, I can only just about touch the floor on both sides. now I'd just pushed the bike in a U-turn to go back the way I came and decided to mount up. Imagine my horror as my right foot got caught in one of the panniers. The stand was up so the bike came down on top of me making me look a complete arse in front of loads of people. Thankfully there was only a minor scuff on the engine case after I finally managed to pick it up, much to the amusement of all the onlookers. Days like that I can do without!
  12. I got blown away by a hornet the other day on the way to work. I was trying to decide if a gap was big enough for me to fit through and didn't even see him coming. He just blitzed right past me. Passing my test 3 days earlier is my excuse. When we got to the dual carriageway I remembered what I was riding and came to the conclusion that as inept as I was, if I twisted my wrist I'd win. Any monkey can jump on an R1 and reach warp speed so I went past him as if he wasn't moving. I really ought to leave the story there but he did it again when we got back to the single carriageway. I'll learn filtering through traffic in good time, don't want to rush things or I'll end up in hospital or a box, neither are somewhere I'd like to be.
  13. Jambon

    Wet Weather Gear

    Being quite new to all this I didn't know that wet weather boots existed so splashed my cash on some nice SIDI vertigo boots. I got caught in some nasty weather and I was doing a 40 mile ride home from work. By the time I got home water had penetrated the toes and my feet were soaking. I've got some good actual wet weather gear though. I got a nice jacket from a local shop called Ace Leathers who make all their own gear (also got a 2 piece leather suit here too). Week later decided I needed some trousers so got a pair of frank thomas thingies from Tinkler's in Norwich. One thing I've noticed is that since the two garments can't be zipped together, the jacket does ride up a bit and my back gets a bit cold. I think I'm gonna get the Frank Thomas jacket too so I can zip em up. Both bits of kit I have now have survived hard rain and some hail and left me lovely and warm. Hope I haven't sent anyone to sleep but I love to waffle.
  14. Jambon

    Police versus cameras

    I wont complain as long as I don't get any points or a fine.
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