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  1. ALL jap bikes have them, (ex honda sports replica bikes where the mainstay of my yoof) goes on at about 50mph, however the last one i had went off when i hit 65 they can be removed but why bother?
  2. i dont think it could be road wash, as my bike is so clean i literally could eat off the gear box. ive gone out and gotten some barrier cream for next time im under the engine, looked at new gloves (and now thanks to the above post looked at new helmets too.. eeew) and scrubbed my hand with a loreal face wash that i have proven can get ink off my face, hands and everywhere else i tend to get it. still itches like hell though but its looking less bumpy and red now. i dont wash the dishes by hand, i have a wif... i mean dishwasher that does it for me now thinking it could be the paint, bone white (for some reason) has a ton more chemicals then the other colors in the range shame because the finish it gives is stunning. oh and have an allergy test tomorrow to find out what im reacting to
  3. .... its on my hand before you ask and its rather itchy its driving me insane, cant sleep because of it infact, i think its an allergic reaction to petrol but thats insane right? i mean i cant find any info on people being allergic to petrol but while in the lock up today i spilt a shead load on my hand, the other option is spray paint - but ive been using that for years and never had issues before... anyway what im asking is - anyone ever heard of anyone being allergic to petrol before? or is it my gloves (the lining - odd as my gloves have been with me as long as ive been riding) or can you think of anything else i could of reacted badly to under the petrol tank? id rather not have to go through this again frankly so if i can work out what it is i will avoid it in the future.
  4. thanks i think ill be about here for quite a while, vie found yammies to be some of the er... more reliable and better built of the bikes, plus the parts are a tad cheaper. also there doesnt seem to be much stuck up ness round here, although ive not looked in the sportsbike section yet... also nice to see people from diffrent backgrounds on here... yeah really like it. thanks for the welcome
  5. im always wary of posting in forums, never know the reaction you will get
  6. the thunder cat has a few issues with rust on the slings for the exhaust BUT these are replaceable really cheaply, superb bike though, low slung and more then quick enough for me before i was banned by the missus from the over "400 cc" club
  7. yeah from when the tank cap is off while filling, can happen when the paint is Cellulose and even when the paints two part if the lacquer is cheap - also the paint doesn't really harden for three months, i mean, the outer "layer" is hardened but the "underneath" doesnt really dry for ages - the damp and condensation can still get under it, and cause bubbling, again fumes can get under even great paint when its warm like it is at the moment. i'm only replying to this because paints something i know a little about... sorry if im talking out of turn!
  8. i may be taking one off my 125cc, PM me and ill let you know, i was going to come on here and ask if it was possible to take them off...
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