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  1. There is a possibly a chance of that rebuild the engine and check the tolerance
  2. The shims were in place to take up manufacturing tolerance and therefore can alter per engine. best thing to go is :- dry run building the engine and see how much end float you get. However from memory those shims were about 0.01mm thickness each and most engines had 2 or 3 each side, so perhaps a single shim of 0,03mm either side will do .. but this will depend on end float
  3. http://www.powerdynamo.biz/eng/systems/7340/7340main.htm
  4. Well apart from filing away the exhaust port, changing the carb, inlet manifold, reed valve and exhaust system you will have to change the primary gear & clutch as the ratios were changed to ensure the max design speed could not be exceeded ... TBF I agree with Cynic
  5. To Set the valve Timing :- set cylinder 1 (nearest to the left) to tdc then ensure both marks on the cams match the marks on the cam caps ..refit the cam chain tensioner .. spin the motor clock wise at least twice & recheck at this point (dependant on the state of the cam chain & wellar tensioners) .. if incorrect drop the cam(s) off 1 tooth against the direction that the timing moved to .. if you have new tensioners & chain this should not happen .. good luck !
  6. However with the correct vacuum Fuel shut off valves, as you can see from the image the petcock is totally different to the one in your image without these there is a chance you may have to do some mods to get around your problems
  7. Those petcocks are not as Yamaha intended ... which may indicate some issues .. looking at them they look like Kawasaki petcocks which are not vac controled .. I guess the 2 vac take offs on the inlet manifolds have been blanked off so no undue air is being allowed into the inlet tracts ? I would doubt that Yamaha would have given the UK vac petcocks and the US manual ones from my time at the factory they would use as many common parts across as possible through models for different markets ... I would guess your after market petcocks are just not allowing the volume of fuel through to allow the engine to run
  8. Hi first off the xs1100 petcocks do not have an off position they have on-res-pri .. the pri position allows fuel to flood tho where as on & res only supply fuel when a vac is formed via the engine being started .. you should only use the PRI position on the petcocks to 'prime' the carbs with fuel after work on either the carbs and/or motor. However with the age of XS1100 you may have knackered the diaphrams within the petcocks. The Dull sound from the exhaust sounds like the fuel lines have been routed wrong .. have you removed the carbs and/or the fuel tank recently ?
  9. I fixed/commissioned these bikes from onset (1976 onwards) however most of the tools that were around at that time have long since gone .. so I guess there are more users that have worked out fixes
  10. Can you rephrase as I would have thought rev = high RPM's ? the leak in the carb would indicate an issue with the float or needle jet .. that said as the carbs are old they may have just gone past their sell by date
  11. before top dead centre (center) The coil should have an orange or black wire attached The points are located in the magneto ... l/h engine side cover but you will need an extractor to remove the mag in the UK UK you will need a P134 extractor see https://picclick.co.uk/Flywheel-puller-extractor-Yamaha-FS1-FS1E-310667328436.html
  12. Hi First off set the ignition timing to 1.8mm btdc and dress the points ... there after just check the ht coil for the correct resistances ( they elude me for the minute) and the resistance of the plug cap
  13. hmm I guess you ment the V70 ? most chassis parts will interchange ... the U range were the fore runners of the V range and share very little with the V range .. so if you want stuff to fit your V50p get stuff from V50,70.75,75A,80 and 90 and not the U series and going back really forget anything for the MF series
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