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  1. I have the YBR i take it on long runs to my fathers about 250miles the bike is comfortable to ride and is nippy enough i got past plenty of trucks because of the twisty roads they were only allowed to do 40 on. on a motorway it is a problem tho.
  2. the service is free but have to pay for any parts on my ybr i paid £6 for oil and that was it.
  3. Ok i got 220 out of it the past two weeks filled up £6.10 just going back and forth to work 22 mile round trip thats taking it easy it's 30mph speed limit all the way i don't get that much if i fly around. It's at the bottom of the red now will need to fill it up before i go anywhere but i have a full weekend.
  4. If you can't get one why not fly over to newcastle get one ride it to the ferry port get the ferry to IJmuiden and ride home a friend of mine done that with a harley said it was so much fun too. my first ride was the 3 miles home 200 miles would have been so much more fun.
  5. The Batman

    YBR 125

    Sounds like fun i hope you have planned for where you will change the tyre's between road and sand and know where the garages that you can get the bike repairs if anything happens. I am planning a trip to egypt next year with me my grandad and cousin at the moment it's 2 ybr's and a fzr6 gotta get some of the off road tyre's the remto guys got for theirs.
  6. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/90-90P18-Michelin-Pi...p3286.m20.l1116 90/90p18 & 2.75p18 are the 2 sizes you need That was the front and rear I just called them up on the number provided paid £86 for the tyres and delivery and they arrived the next working day. Since having them fitted the bike is so much nicer to ride.
  7. I love my ybr I get about 75mph on the flat out of my bike the speed depends on your size and weight on the bike my mate only gets about 70 out of his but he is a bigger guy. it's easy to clean and cheap to run i get about 250 miles on £6 nothing has gone wrong after 4000 miles (except the car that didn't look on a roundabout). I paid 2k for mine but that included getting all my gear and insurance. I just had the chain tightened suspension stiffened as well as tyres changed cost me £90 for that work to be done it's now picking up quicker and handles so much nicer. I can't speak highly enough of the bike it may not have the looks and speed but it is still so much fun the R125 has a bit more speed and looks better but the price tag is about double. I did look at the honda CG but went for the ybr for a number of reasons alloy wheels rather than spokes much easier to clean, rack at the back of it easier to mount top box side stand for convenience. If you want a cheap 125 try www.superbykes.co.uk they do a sports 125 for around 1500 not sure how good it is but it's cheap. you get what you pay for is all i will say
  8. The Batman

    YZF R125

    I rode around for about 6 months with no L plate on the front of my YBR I go past traffic cops daily and never been stopped for it. I have now put one on just cause i had one lying around I think if i had the R12 i would move the L plate from the screen down to the wheel arch.
  9. I haven't found larger tyres for mine but i changed them for michelin road pilot sporty's and they're much better than the stock ones. also got my back brake tightened as it was very loose
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