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  1. .....and nobody sent me any good wishes. So fuck you you punkass Yamaha faggots!
  2. EddyIrish

    hi folks

    These goddam spermguzzling faggots should just be banned.
  3. Goddamit! I lost my ballsucking leg at BingBong to give you punkass faggots the freedom to post chit on the Internet. If any more of you spermguzzlers got dumbass questions then just PM that cocksucker Moseley.
  4. EddyIrish

    counter steer

    It's about goddam time somebody gave some sensible advice in this forum full of dumbasses. I ass steered my way through the Mi Kong Delta back in the day, the punkass faggot Gooks never saw it coming. Believe it.
  5. EddyIrish

    guess what

    That goddam spermguzzler Moseley turned up again? I'll run his faggot punk ass out of town once again if he gets in my way. He's a goddam POS toothless Brit bitch! Cocksucker!
  6. EddyIrish


    Those bitches look a bit skinny for my taste!
  7. EddyIrish


    You think this looks like a goddam rap music site ya dumbass? I got no time for all this "music to commit crime by" crock of shit. Wise up you punkass faggot.
  8. EddyIrish


    Someone stole this Ruskie faggot's cycle? I bet it was one of those goddam pinko commie motherfuckers!
  9. That goddam spermguzzling cocksucker Moseley is still here? 22.....that's the punk's IQ. He ain't got no goddam business here. This is a cycle forum not a site for rectum stretchers. The kid's a punkass faggot.
  10. That cocksucker Moseley needs a goddam bitchslapping! Punk!
  11. Snowboarding? You goddam gayassed faggot!
  12. EddyIrish

    Forums Down

    Quit the grovelling you goddam faggot! When I'm running this place you and that cocksucker Moseley are history! Believe it Punk!
  13. Typical of that spermguzzler moseley! I always said he was a goddam faggot! The cocksucker needs his sorry punk ass busted out of this POS site! RIGHT NOW!
  14. So you dumbasses better give me the respect I deserve! And Moseley.......keep out of my way you punkass pee-on.
  15. Mike the Bike came to me for riding advice.....he'd never have made it without me. So remember that you faggots!
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