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  1. Hi guys my 2004 R1 decided not to start and it just said hi temp. Been standing the whole day drove fine this morning but now it when i turn the key it sais hi temp and cranks over fine but won't start.Any help will be appreciated.
  2. S.Wessels1

    Pinging R1

    I am at sea level 90% of the time.We only get 95 octane where i stay so can only increase the octane with a booster. But that's only a short term fix.Under normal riding ie: no full throttle i dnt experience any ping at all.Thanks for the reply
  3. S.Wessels1

    Pinging R1

    It does it in any gear below 4000rpm but only on load.So its not really that bad what got to me was when i opened the throttle in third got to about 8-9000rpm then got a intermittant ping but goes away again? I am taking it to the dealer the weekend to check it out.BTW on normal riding no serouis throttle no ping at all.
  4. S.Wessels1

    Pinging R1

    Anyone experiencing the same pinging noise? I googled it and it seems like it's fairly common just want to hear it from 1st hand yamaha owners.Here in South Africe we run 95 Octane fuel.I've been told octane booster will sort it out, but my main concern is, is it harmfull to ride with the ping?
  5. S.Wessels1

    New R1 owner

    Hi guys I just bought my 1sr R1 after having a thundercat for a year. It's a 2004 model, just want to know what to look out for and what are the common problems if any. Any feedback will be appreciated. Stephan
  6. Hi guys i've had my thundercat for about 3months topped up the anti freeze a month ago and now everytime i take her for a ride the antifreeze comes out of the overflow pipe.What worries me is that the antifreeze container never seems to get empty but the water keeps flowing? shouldnt it stop overflowing when it gets to a certain point? Just want to make sure it's nothing bad. thanks
  7. S.Wessels1

    New exhaust

    Hi all. I have a thundercat with a aftermarket can but the headers are completely rusted.can u get any performance upgrades by just changing the headers and keeping the same can or will it be the same?
  8. S.Wessels1

    New tires

    Hi guys.i have a thundercat and am thinking of replacing my tires.i am thinking of getting michelin pilot power. And how will a 180 tire fit instead of a 160.thanks
  9. S.Wessels1


    Ok i will have a look at it. Thanks 4 the help.i am still learning all the finer stuff on the bike. Will post a pic soon. Cheers
  10. S.Wessels1


    Ok cool. I just bought my thundercat in south africa its a 96 model but it actually comes from the UK. Still have the uk plate on. Upgraded from a 250 bandit so its a real blast. Thanks for the info
  11. S.Wessels1


    Hi guys i just joined the club. I got my thundercat about a week ago. Just want to know what to look out for. I also noticed that 1st gear goes in with a clunk and the gbox sounds abit winy at highway speeds, is it normal.would appreciate any help.thanks
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