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    1979 yamaha xs400

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    saskatoon , saskatchewan
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    motorcycles of course, camping,and a little 4x4 time is fun too<br />

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  1. mles

    Goodbye all

    where do i sign up that looks like a cause i could really get behind
  2. mles

    Wanna help me?

    your a ten in my book
  3. mles

    maxim 400

    hi i live in canada and on those cold fall mornings all i do is close the choke completly and kick away dont touch the trottle they flood very easy it allways works for me good luck
  4. mles

    Virago riders?

    hey its great being back on bikes i just got back at it myself this year i cant believe i let my wife keep me off them for so long but its like i never stopped at all so enjoy!!!
  5. hi guys i have a 79 xs400 with no running lights just signals
  6. hey guys i have heard the same about wd-40 it does attact moisture and should only be used as a peitating oil not a lube a good example is if you se it on lug nuts on your car the next time you try to pull the wheels off the lugs are rusty ive done it myself have a good one guys and happy biking!!!!
  7. hi guys just wanted to let you know i got my bike running last night the main fuse that i must have meter tested 10 times was loose on one end so when metered it tested ok but would not let power through when in place tricky little devil thanks for the help !
  8. hi i just had my 79 xs 400 cap picked and rekeyed for 45 buck it only took about an hour
  9. yeah we checked that like the bike was running good when i drove back at lunch but after work is when it happened
  10. hi guys i have a new problem with with my 79 xs 400 i went to start it after work today turned on the key the oil and neutral light came on and as i turned out the kick starter the lights dropped out and i cant find a problem all the fuses tested ok any ideas would be helpful thanks !
  11. mles

    rear brakes lock on

    say thanks for the reply i just got them figured out last night . so thanks again for taking the time to help out im sure i'll have more questions later thanks!
  12. say im new to the sight it looks informative and fun. im having a problem with my rear brakes can anyone tell me how to clean and bleed them thanks miles
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