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  1. Does anybody know how many kilometers my dt 400 should go on a tank of gas? I've been doing lot's of mountain riding I live in the the interior of BC. I am only getting about 80 km a tank. Also does high elevation make a difference? I ride, from home, 500 meters above sea level to about 2000 meters in a single ride.
  2. The lights don't work with engine running, fully charged battery, no electrical works only headlight on low beam, engine stop swtich doesn'twork. I've checked some wiring. Any help with ideas would be awesome.
  3. I've connected an oil line to the pump, bleeded it, wasn't pumping oil, adjusted the stroke of the pump and it pumps oil but the output flow is slow and doesn't pick up when reving up engine. The input line I used has bigger diameter then the original one (used what I had in garage), I'm gonna try a proper size one when I get one. I'm thinking the pump is worn out that is why who had the bike before me disconnected and removed the lines. Maybe the flow is right I don't know how much oil it should put out.
  4. I have already checked to see if the pump strokes, it does I've gotta get new oil lines, they are gone(the bike has been through many hands). I'm just unsure how the lines go. Does an oil line go to the carb? I believe one should. But I also thought that an oil line should go the bottom of engine to ensure proper lubrication at higher speeds. Which I thought is an advantage of oil injections proper lubrication at all speeds.
  5. The pump, tank are there and piping been disconnected, the cable works, I'm unsure how the oil lines go. I think one goes to the pump and a smaller one goes to the carb from the pump.
  6. I think the oil pump is not working on my DT 400(1978 I think), I'm thinking I can just mix the gas. What ratio should I use? the electrical doesn't work either, do I need a fully charged battery? I've lost the key, but I can move the switch to start and ride the bike. Maybe I can't move the switch far enough to get the lights to work? The bike has been sitting around for a few years, I'm just trying to get it going to teach my son to ride bikes (he's a teenager). Any information would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I have an 78 dt400. After engines warms up(about 2 min) it starts idling high, then another minute it starts screaming away at like 6000 rpm and higher. Cleaned the carb and checked cable. There fine. Can anyone offer any advice?
  8. Thanks for the reply. I've looked for the bolts, can't find any. It looks like if I remove rear fender there is a couple of bolts there. I'll be trying that next haven't had a chance to take off fender.
  9. How come no one can answer my question? I know I am missing something stupid.
  10. Could someone please help me. I'm helping someone reapir a 1976-78 dt 400 (unknown for sure because it was passed on) and can't fiqure out how to open and remove seat and take off tank to clean out rust. Bike has been sitting for a few years.
  11. Could somebody please tell me how to open and remove the seat and fuel tank on a 1978 dt 400.
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