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  1. https://www.oponeo.co.uk/?gclid=CIiNpJPDwtUCFW0R0wodXSYIQg
  2. https://www.oponeo.co.uk/?gclid=CIiNpJPDwtUCFW0R0wodXSYIQg
  3. just seen this on another forum , and if you read trhe terms and conditions you will see that one has been copied from Harrods , and the other from Helmet city I just got the below information from Infinity motorcycles news letter Infinity Motorcycles News Beware - Scam Websites 28/07/2016 16:05:00 Please beware of the websites www.speedyvets.com & www.thecityslums.com. They are both fake phishing sites. They display impossible deals on motorcycle gear to try and get you to provide your card details and address to them. We cannot say clearer BOTH THESE WEBSITES
  4. search ebay , there are 1mm larger sump plugs and taps for sale on there. I did my old Soozy Teapot with one last year
  5. what have you got left mate ?
  6. I blame the teaching system mate ,
  7. ypou will need to be a certain age to get this one , if you dont get it look up Dexys Midnight runners on you tube
  8. mervin

    Finally !!

    no worries mate only to glad to help
  9. Have a good search around the internet , if it is anything like the TDR there are people out there making replica fibreglass panels at a reasonable price , there amybe NOS panela around but they will probably be as rare as hens teeth and very expensive
  10. mervin

    Finally !!

    Kev do these look right ? All 4 have 328 written on them . That is 2x no1 and 2x no2 in the pics
  11. mervin

    Finally !!

    if they happen to be the same as the aircooleds then yes i have some spare selectors here , just looked at parts list and numbers are differnt
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