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  1. Good Morning, Its been a long time since I have logged into this site however now im Back. I am available for help & assitance on all insurance matters no matter how big or small.. I look forward to helping all you girls & guys again shortly.... Insurance Man,,,,,,,
  2. Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening All, Some of you new to the club wont remember me I am the Insurance man. I work for Yamaha Insurance. (Ride A Yamaha insure with Yamaha you can see where this is going!!!) I just want to offer my help and or assistance with any insurance related issues you may have. I can also do insurance quotes for you as well. The contact number 08700 747374 ask for Ryan Hancox, (Insurance man is just my weekend name). I look forward to hearing from you.
  3. Insurance man

    new r6

    Who is insuring the bike? Ring 08700 747374 ask for me
  4. At last were getting some decent weather. Apparantly it will be 70 degrees this weekend. So I suggest everybody get your bike ready now! (And if you need insurance ring me im here to help) 08700 747374
  5. I will not do it my self however as I am in the "TRADE" if he calls 08700 713000 this is Virgin Bikes Insurance. Ask to speak to Bev. If he mentions he knows me (Ryan Hancox) then they will offer a hopefully competitive quote. They have not let me down yet.
  6. I wouldnt worry about the MOT or the cost, the thing that would worry me was it makes everything else flash. ( have a look at the white box in front of the bike. The text flashes along with the lights.)
  7. Every office has them. If you have climbed everest she will have done it in a faster time juggling! Some insurance companies will do it because she was named on the policy. However this is not standard practice. If she was to change company for example at renewal (if they put her price up) and she decides to go to tesco they will not give her the NCB. In effect its a way of securing the business for a couple of years (perhaps).
  8. We can give riding other bikes on a third party only basis. Providing acceptance to certain criteria. The best thing i can recommend is for you to call us 08700 747374 so we can take full details and look to see what we can offer.
  9. Me thinks this man has too much stress. He must need a woman to de stress rather than being a rude offensive HOMO
  10. Insurance man

    bike security

    Not realy. The garage clause which 95% of the motorcycle insurers have states "The vehicle must be garaged all times when at the home address or no theft cover will be in place". Translated to if your bikes at home put it in the garage you lazy sod. Seriously though a garage or shed is the best security money can buy.
  11. Have you called yet? How did you get on?
  12. Insurance man

    bike security

    The thing with DataTag & Smartwater, they dont stop the bike being stolen. They might help get the bike back but thats all. The best protection despite what anybody tells you is a garage or a shed. Having the bike out of sight gives it a 74% better chance of not getting stolen. If you cant put it in a shed or garage make sure you chain it to something. (Lamposts are good). You will get a discount on your insurance for DATATAG (5%) most companies. You would get a much higher discount if the bike could be garaged.
  13. I do like hearing funnies like this. (unless i Insure them . The funniest i remeber we were all out in brighton the sun was beating down middle of summer. We had just give Chris Eubank some stick as he road around in his massive Jeep. My pal was getting realy cocky on his Gsxr 600. The pier was full of bikes and some bright spark had a suzuki banner in which all of them were gatherd. (kinda like a junk yard) However he pulls up next to a big line and within minutes 15 or so of the bikes were lying on the floor LEGEND !. Whilst i felt sorry i laughed for hours. The morale to this story S
  14. 08700 747374 is the only number you will need. And ask for Insurance man
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