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  1. Where U going in Spain ?? We Live here ?? And yes... Yamaha only is a bit of a killer...
  2. No actually the seats pretty comfy and mine aint bad either.
  3. Sorry been away for a while on the old banger. Little cruise around Europe. Spain, France, UK, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Andorra, oh nearly forgot Liechtenstein. 9137kms in 5weeks, 400litres of juice. Trouble is my 14month old YP400 has now done 31000kms. Bloody usless these scooters you know. Thinking of writing a letter to Yamaha, Dear Yamaha my moto makes a funny noise when I get it over 2500m above sea level.
  4. Hey there's an idea, and a gps at the same time. Now where could I put the scanner.
  5. Hands up it was all me own fault, looking backwards trying to find a road. Hardly moving, looked forward oops where did that crash barrier come from. No other vehicles about Stops, just, bit of a camber on the road. Rolls into the barrier thick ali two panel type. Bike touches barrier, bike tips over. Ok pick bike up enough to roll away from barrier, yeh right. I wish, lift bike ha ha , bike to low just to pull out without disemboweling it. Two cars go by. Try to lift again, I am no wimp May be I should take my helmet off and show off my long flowing locks.
  6. Sorry mate don't speak a word of foreign. Better still.. And the brits favourite. CAN'T YOU SPEAK ENGLISH. BLOODY FOREIGNERS. So what if its your country
  7. Yeh go one, I'll hold your coat. Second thoughts, take it with you.
  8. ooooooooooooh I would love reverse, at 200kg dry weight my scooter's a real lard arse.
  9. Good point.. Will go and see them tonight.
  10. Seams alright if I let it warm up a bit so it can wait till next service.
  11. And what exactly do they suck ???????????????
  12. We can get the chinese video in the cinema one's but they ain't much good. Down loadin's a none event as we are on wy fi & the connection wouldn't be stable enoth over the time needed. So if they are good um's We migth be talking
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