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  1. I have a WR250R, a great bike. Not sure if the WR450 has lights as standard. I think a XT660 would be a lot easier than the highly tuned WR450 F to handle.
  2. Worked out there for 3 years, hard to appreciate just how big Oz is until you are there, spent most of my time in Darwin but also in northern South Australia and north central Queensland. Do not ride outside the towns at night time.
  3. I have a BT 1100 with the same engine. Just use 95,
  4. I use the same panel and connectors as Mervin, also have a slightly larger panel for the car. all are used throughout the year as I work overseas. Both work very well. David
  5. DAB

    what next

    MT 01, a modern day Vincent.
  6. DAB

    Snapped Cam Shaft

    I have a 05 Bulldog and have just returned from touring Europe, a fine motorcycle. I have never heard of a cam shaft breaking. I would of thought that the cam chain should break first.
  7. Not the government, the banks. They certainly made their bed, from YOUR money. The government had no alternative, all banks would have gone down! DAB
  8. There seems to be some confusion about all the different WR models, I have a WR 250 R (2009) and is very different to the 250F the valves need to be checked every 26,000 miles. I mostly use it on the road and have found it excellent and economical. I would suggest getting one of these.I also have an MT 01, I do not compare the bikes as they are totally different. DAB
  9. MFN, near Eastwood, Wednesday night DAB
  10. DAB

    BT1100 Bulldog

    Hello Tuck. I have a BT 1100, very good machine, reliable and economical. Handles fine and easy to service. Use it during the winter as I ride a MT01 during the summer (too difficult to keep clean for winter riding). There is a good German forum for the Bulldog.
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