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    RD350LC 1981 Standard RD350LC 1983 Special AC/RD frame, TZ350 Motor, Wire Wheels, TZ Replica

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  1. yam4l0


    Might be worth contacting a guy on the RD/RZ Forum called SIMON5 he can suite locks to one key, maybe he will be able to help. HTH
  2. yam4l0

    Little rubber grommet thingy.....

    You want one of these If required pm me & I'll add you to the list. yam4lo aka oldelsieboy
  3. yam4l0

    RD350B 1975

    Twopints, I have sent you a pm
  4. yam4l0

    Awesome 350LC

    Built it myself, had the swinger adapted by NK Racing & billet top yoke manufactured by AN Other.
  5. yam4l0

    Awesome 350LC

    You may be interested in this one then, my non-standard LC Still "a work in progress"
  6. yam4l0

    Awesome 350LC

    I think it looks better than when I bought it
  7. yam4l0

    Awesome 350LC

    And how do you think I got it there
  8. yam4l0

    RD250LC help with dating certificate

    Looks like its an '82 model http://www.rd350lc.net/pageVIN250.htm You may need to get a dating letter from Yamaha UK aswell
  9. yam4l0

    Awesome 350LC

    Not bad, but the red stripe ones were faster