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    RD350LC 1981 Standard RD350LC 1983 Special AC/RD frame, TZ350 Motor, Wire Wheels, TZ Replica

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  1. yam4l0


    Might be worth contacting a guy on the RD/RZ Forum called SIMON5 he can suite locks to one key, maybe he will be able to help. HTH
  2. You want one of these If required pm me & I'll add you to the list. yam4lo aka oldelsieboy
  3. yam4l0

    RD350B 1975

    Twopints, I have sent you a pm
  4. Built it myself, had the swinger adapted by NK Racing & billet top yoke manufactured by AN Other.
  5. You may be interested in this one then, my non-standard LC Still "a work in progress"
  6. I think it looks better than when I bought it
  7. And how do you think I got it there
  8. Looks like its an '82 model http://www.rd350lc.net/pageVIN250.htm You may need to get a dating letter from Yamaha UK aswell
  9. Not bad, but the red stripe ones were faster
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