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  1. catfunt1


    Hi there and welcome to the owners club. At the place i work we have recently had two of these gone through our shop and neither of them have had the mentioned seat cowl! I will how ever make a phone call for you about that on monday.
  2. Welcome and hello, hopefully you'll find this as useful as i do!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Well, what can i say! I'm a proud owner of the said hound and to be honest i'm not sure that i have a single bad word to say about it. i've done 350 miles in a day and when i got off didn't think twice about doing it again! although young i am lucky enough to have ridden many bikes from the xjr1300 to the spline tearing '08 R1 and many more but i still hold on to my beloved dawg!!!! i hope you have the pleasure of test riding one! Take it easy
  4. Hi Tom In answer to your question i'm not sure that yamaha produced their own, but i think if you look up skidmarks they might be able to help. Cat funt
  5. Howdy all, just joined the club, thought this would be the best place to ask!. On you tube there is a chap who has put upside forks on his bt1100 and wondred if anyone out there could shed some light on this or in fact that person is reading this message!. any info would be great.
  6. catfunt1


    Hi Boys and girls I'm new as of this evening, and just wondering how many other people out there own bulldogs!. I know they're not everyones flavour but it just so happens that it is mine. Enjoy the weather kids and ride hard but safe. Peace out
  7. hi there i'm new today but i've just picked up on this conversation. i know of a place that can provide off the shelve tail tidy's and that the tail tidy's are 100% legal. it is only the size off the plate. also if you require you can also pick up an integral tail light which has LED indicators built in to the assembly. This is also legal as it is an MOT pass piece of kit. I just thought it might help. Take it easy guys.
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