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    2002 Yamaha yzf-r6

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  1. Hey folks just brought a 2002 r6 everythings been fine with the bike until sunday when i went out on a ride. when i got back my left indicators dont work. when i flick the switch to the left all the lights dimm for a second and thats it any ideas? cheers folks
  2. Ditchfinder88

    Which R6?

    hey ive also just passed my a2 test and have just brought a 2002 restricted r6 for just under 3000 on bike trader im chuffed to bits with it still a very quick bike even though its restricted
  3. Ditchfinder88

    Help !!!!

    Hey folks ive just passed my test and ive purchased a 2002 yzf-r6. gave the bike a good check over yesterday but theres no cooliant. what should i use? some people have said just use water but dont know if that is the best option your suggestions will be most appreciated. cheers
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