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  1. I unfortunately found out recently that a previous owner of my bike had crashed it(i kinda assumed that), bent the forks in the crash and straightened them out, even though they were beyond safe repair. Luckily my mechanic sotted this though. There was a hairline fracture hidden under the triple clamps. So my quest began. At first I thought xjr400 parts should fit since most of the electrics are similar. Nope, it has 41mm stanchions. Then I hit the jackpot. The xj600. Loads of different parts from the xj600 are the same and so my bike soldiers on. Hi Fez. Are you saying that XJ600 forks
  2. Might sound a bit daft but get her some earplugs. If you cant hear the engine screeming she won't worry about it so much, thats the theory anyway. The 535 will do at least 90 all day long, my misses use to have one, used it for two years including europe trips, and she managed to stick with all us guys on bigger sports tourers up to that sort of speed. We're actually looking for a 750 or 1100 as she had an operation earlier this year and can't lean forward on a bike for the forseeable future.
  3. Hi Guys Theres been a rash of bike thefts in MK lately. We've lost three from memebers in our club so far this year. It appears they follow you home and wait for an opertunity to just help themselves to your bike, so don't walk away from it or leave it for any time at all. Lock it up, put it away etc before going and getting out of your kit, even if it means getting it out again ten minutes later to wash it. Oh, and one guy has even found some very identifiable parts on ebay within days, but as usual the police are dragging their heals.... Hugh.
  4. Hi Lisa There are a few Zeals here in the Uk, but only a few. I have one for my partner but at the moment its damaged, thats how we bought it. Having trouble finding bits for it. Do you know of any owners clubs your end of the world, or any websites that cover it or that list hints and tips about them? I'm trying to find out whether there are any parts common to other models that may have been imported to the UK. Cheers Hugh.
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