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  1. Hi i have a 2002 R6, rode it home about 40 miles with a few mates, started fine and rode well now, i try to set off and it takes a bit longer than it should to start, however gets going and is fine when i go to leave again after stopping it wont start at all, can manage to get a start with loads of throttle but needs to be kept fully open to hold a very weak idle, as soon as you wind off the throttle it dies, if you hold the throttle open fully for a little while the revs will eventually pick up and it will rev ok again. a freind advised me that it could have been the carbs require replacing - which i tried but this didn't help! also the oil light has come on and despite plently of oil refuses to go off, and there are no oil leaks if anyone can help i would really appreiciate it!
  2. Hi can anyone help with an issue i have with my 2002 r6, when it is cold it runs sweet, but when its warm it has difficulty on idle and keeps cutting out also if i start it after i have travelled a few miles the revs stick at about 2000rpm and the throttle is completely none responsive and i have to wait until the revs finally pick up! Thanks For Any Help Or Info Anyone Can Provide Baynham
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