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  1. Hi all just to let you know of the Knockhill Bike Fest & Scottish Championship racing this Sunday 25th June. Gates open at 10am with racing starting at 11am. If any members are about stop by to say hi as I'll be there with Kim of Birds On Bikes in the marquee area. Byeee Ed
  2. the ticking I have had both on the R6 and on my 2005 R1 (current bike). Both bikes serviced when necessary and nothing picked up plus had/have high mileage on them. Recall another R1 owner saying the same thing got it all checked out and nothing again. If in doubt get a second opinion.
  3. Firstly hi all haven't been on line for a long long time now. Too cut a long story short hubby had a big bike accident last year and thankfully was very lucky however same can't be said for his fazer 1000! Now in seven boxes in my garage. Great. He has fully recovered (ish) back to the hospital later this year to have the metal work looked at the usual thing you know. Anyhow he (meaning hubby) has gone to the dark side, yip he's gone a bought a Honda and a VFR at that. Oh dear gawd. But fret not I've still got my beloved R1 and looking for a bit of support re the followi
  4. Hello hope someone can help. Have recently bought new R1 and with every bike I have always had a scot-oiler fitted. However as I have found out with this bike there is not a lot of room for extras like this and comms unit. Has anyone else had this slight problem and found a solution as to were to position the scot-olier. Please less of the smart suggestions Thanks Ed
  5. Hi Ryan will be phoning you on Monday. Got offered a great deal on new R1 trading in my R6 already with YIS so need to talk things over and see what's what. Ta Ed (Mad Irish Bird)
  6. Please do. Do you bike it to Laguna?
  7. Can i pre-book some lovely sunny weather for my ride down from Scotland to Donners and for the duration of my stay.
  8. Hi Yamahead yip had to double check as well to make sure that it was correct. Maybe with a bit of luck Donnington will have better weather in 2005 than what we had to endure this year.
  9. December 23 2004 2005 BSB dates change Due to a date change for the British MotoGP round, two of the British Superbike round will now move from their provisional dates. The event at Outlon Park which was originally scheduled for July 22-24 will now take place on September 9-11, while the Brands Hatch GP circuit weekend will switch from September 9-11 to October 7-9. All over dates remain unchanged. 2005 British Superbike Calendar: March 26-68 Brands Hatch Indy circuit April 8-10 Thruxton April 22-24 Mallory Park April 30-May 2 Oulton Park May 13-15 Mondello Park June
  10. It's pissed me off as well. Only found out by accident, checked it out on the offical motgp website and its on the mcn website too. Don't know why they have changed it......had a feeling they would.
  11. Hi all have just found out today that the British Motogp has been changed from June 2005 to 24th July 2005.
  12. crummydillon


    Santa is such a great guy got all the DVD's that I wanted......road racing review 04 which has totally made me home sick, bsb, wsb and motogp review and nw200 review. My hubby says that it's a great investment as it gives him hours of peace and quiet. No keys to a brand new R1....however will let him off with that.
  13. crummydillon


    Captain Scarlet way before my time you old folk However the question of who might take Rossi's title is a debate I am more than interested in. Should do a poll for that.......will it be Sete?, Max?, Edwards or has Troy B got a good chance in 2005?
  14. crummydillon


    Aye whatever you say boss
  15. crummydillon


    Hi all I was surprised and almost disappointed to see the topic of this poll. Please do not get me wrong, I fully support open and free speech and for people to have the right to express their thoughts on important matters. However as a person who has experienced this ongoing issue very very closely and has it hanging over on a daily basis I make no apologies in writing this response. Feel free to debate this topic, however I just want to enjoy motorcycling and my bike and not have to be constantly reminded of the things I dont want to be reminded of.....got the news for that. Don't tak
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