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    Riding Bike(obviously) Rallies & the usual drunken behaviour
  1. Can anyone help, I'm looking for a fuel tank for an 1100 v.star either to buy or borrow whilst do some repairs & painting on mine(only transport so cannot take off the road) and a friend needs rear mudguard for '99 1600 wildstar.Any help with either much appreciated. Cheers Tim
  2. Cheers for the info' gives me an idea of where I'm heading Tim
  3. Hi cant help with cuppa & jaffa cake - tea would be cold by the time I got it to you & jaffa cake would have definately been eaten but still think it might be worth a gamble ordering from the states, people I know & myself have done this & got way with it every time so far(famous last words), dont think they pick up evreything coming in by post.Be Lucky & ride safe!
  4. Got a 2004 1100 dragstar custom, want to get away from spoked wheels, beleive 1 model(poss' Silverado) was done with cast wheels does anyone know if these will fit the custom & and has anyone got any- maybe even do a deal ie swap with cash either way.
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