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  1. Hi t every one who reads this post, I am a proud owner of a 1984 Fz400R Vin No.46X102193 Engine No.V0120426161 Model No.33M, I have asked around in forums and I have mailed a few bike shops and had no luck on finding new spares, I have found a few second hand and i was really hoping to put original parts bake since the bike is 23years old and never been opened, (1 year younger then me) so i have come to the point where I just want it running so here is my proposal, I am going to my mates house where the motor is and im taking out 1x intake valve and 1x exhaust valve and im gona try match something to it if the valve needs to be alliterated my friends father works in a Diesel mac shop and I`ll ask him to machine them to fit, so if any one can help with which parts should I use and which would be the best please post it or pm, thank you all for your time. Regards, Da_1
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