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Alex Asigno
Alex Asigno

Philippaerts pulls through to 6th at bumpy Loket

DP in Czech Rep.
DP in Czech Rep.
David Philippaerts endured a hard day of work at a rutty and one-line Loket circuit for the Grand Prix of Czech Republic and the twelfth stop of fifteen on the 2010 FIM MX1-GP World Championship calendar. The Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross Team star showed typical aggression and determination to finish in 6th position overall against the odds. Loket was a difficult layout to deal with after two days of rainfall created a swampy surface on Saturday and the qualification heats were cancelled in favour of a Timed Practice. The rain finally stopped in the afternoon and welcome sunshine and warmer temperatures began to dry the terrain on Sunday. Philippaerts did his best on the works YZ450FM - already a winner of two Grands Prix in its maiden season - across the bumpy course and sealed 4th in the first moto. Two mistakes in the second race saw the 2008 world champion and former double winner of the Czech round having to fight back from a position outside the top twenty-five to reach a respectable 9th.
De Dycker
De Dycker
Yamaha Monster Energy Ricci MX Team's Ken De Dycker was 14th overall. The Belgian is still not fully race-fit after his Swedish arm injury and lacks bike-time on his YZ450FM. De Dycker did his best to record 11th in the first moto but then ran wide on a tight corner in the second race and became stuck in the slimy pool of mud that was a reminder of the atrocious weather that blighted the circuit for the previous two days. The 25 year old could not recover his machine. Philippaerts still holds 3rd in the world championship standings but will need 53 points from a possible remaining total of 150 to supersede Clement Desalle. He lays 12 ahead of Max Nagl. De Dycker is 6th although some distance from the top five. The Grand Prix of Brazil at the new circuit in Campo Grande will take place in two weeks time and rounds fourteen and fifteen will be hosted by Lierop (Netherlands) and Fermo (Italy).
DP talks to press
DP talks to press
David Philippaerts, Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross Team: "In the first moto I struggled to get a good rhythm and I was disappointed because I started in second place but finished in fourth. In the second race I had two crashes - one when I lost control under braking and another when I got on the gas out of a turn and the rear just slipped away - I had some good speed after that and came back from very far to get inside the top ten, so that felt better. We will try our best in Brazil and look ahead to defending third place in the championship; that has to be our main goal now in the final three rounds." Ken De Dycker, Yamaha Monster Energy Ricci Motocross Team: "The first race was not good for me. I was able to get around the problems I've had with my arm in Lommel because I know the track very well, but here it was much harder and I had to hold on up the hills with my fingers sometimes. I'm still not 100% so I have to work on that. The clutch started to slip a little in the second moto and I had to keep the bike wide-open on the downhill but this meant I ran a bit wide and hit the mud. I tried to give the bike some gas to get out but it was stuck."

Circuit Length: 1630 Crowd: 21,000 Weather: Cloudy

Last Years Winner: Clement Desalle
2010 GP of Czech Republic 08/08/2010
Race 1 - 20 Laps
Pos. Rider Manu. Nat. Total Time
1 Tanel Leok Honda EST 39'08.429
2 Antonio Cairoli KTM ITA 0'03.457
3 Clement Desalle Suzuki BEL 0'07.250
4 David Philippaerts Yamaha ITA 0'27.771
5 Maximilian Nagl KTM GER 0'29.930
6 Steve Ramon Suzuki BEL 0'53.331
7 Sébastien Pourcel Kawasaki FRA 1'11.257
8 Nicolas Aubin Kawasaki FRA 1'12.146
9 Evgeny Bobryshev Honda RUS 1'15.536
10 Rui Goncalves KTM POR 1'21.500
11 Ken De Dycker Yamaha BEL 1'27.372
12 Gareth Swanepoel Honda RSA 1'29.401
13 Joshua Coppins Aprilia NZL 1'34.280
14 Jonathan Barragan Kawasaki ESP 1'38.218
15 Cedric Soubeyras KTM FRA 1'40.680
Race 2 - 20 Laps
Pos. Rider Manu. Nat. Total Time
1 Antonio Cairoli KTM ITA 40'34.824
2 Clement Desalle Suzuki BEL 0'03.037
3 Steve Ramon Suzuki BEL 1'06.778
4 Maximilian Nagl KTM GER 1'09.320
5 Tanel Leok Honda EST 1'10.907
6 Kevin Strijbos Suzuki BEL 1'11.841
7 Evgeny Bobryshev Honda RUS 1'17.435
8 Rui Goncalves KTM POR 1'21.038
9 David Philippaerts Yamaha ITA 1'41.461
10 Joshua Coppins Aprilia NZL 1'48.010
11 Tom Church CCM GBR -1Laps
12 Julien Bill KTM CHE -1Laps
13 Jimmy Albertson Honda USA -1Laps
14 Matthias Walkner KTM AUT -1Laps
15 Matteo Bonini Yamaha ITA -1Laps
17 Tom Soderstrom Yamaha SWE -1Laps
Rider Standings 08/08/2010
Pos. Rider Manu. Nat. Points
1. Antonio Cairoli KTM ITA 531
2. Clement Desalle Suzuki BEL 447
3. David Philippaerts Yamaha ITA 394
4. Maximilian Nagl KTM GER 382
5. Steve Ramon Suzuki BEL 376
6. Ken De Dycker Yamaha BEL 309
7. Tanel Leok Honda EST 290
8. Xavier Boog Kawasaki FRA 276
9. Evgeny Bobryshev Honda RUS 270
10. Davide Guarneri Honda ITA 213
11. Kevin Strijbos Suzuki BEL 201
12. Joshua Coppins Aprilia NZL 184
13. Gareth Swanepoel Honda RSA 182
14. Rui Goncalves KTM POR 177
15. Anthony Boissière TM FRA 145
23. Tom Soderstrom Yamaha SWE 47
24. Manuel Monni Yamaha ITA 46
28. Matteo Bonini Yamaha ITA 22
30. Kyle Chisholm Yamaha USA 20
36. Alvaro Lozano Yamaha ESP 14
37. Grant Langston Yamaha RSA 12
54. Rob van Vijfeijken Yamaha NED 1
Manufacturer Standings 08/08/2010
Pos. Manufacturer Points
1. KTM 560
2. Suzuki 497
3. Yamaha 448
4. Honda 399
5. Kawasaki 332
6. Aprilia 192
7. TM 145
8. CCM 25
9. Husqvarna 4
RACE REPORT 08/08/2010
Second podium of 2010 for Paulin
GP on the podium
GP on the podium
The Grand Prix of Czech Republic at the Loket circuit gave Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross Team's Gautier Paulin his second podium result of 2010 with 3rd overall and his second on the agile and formidable YZ250FM. The twelfth round of fifteen in a rapidly passing FIM MX2-GP World Championship took place in front of 21,000 spectators and across a soft, rutted and bumpy track that had been hit by unrelenting rainfall on Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday. The Czech hard-pack became a wavy and difficult beast to master with a single racing line cutting through many other still-soaked and boggy sections of track. Paulin was the best Yamaha rider on this testing terrain and although the talented Frenchman could only grab 6th in the first moto due to a mediocre start (he won an impressive last lap duel with good friend Christophe Charlier) he was alert from the gate in the second race and rode a consistent set of lap-times in the forty minute duration to cross the line in 3rd; and then toast the same overall ranking with the Italian factory crew.
Osborne at Loket
Osborne at Loket
In 9th overall was Bike it Cosworth Yamaha's Zach Osborne. The American claimed that he is still feeling the physical effects of his crash and concussion only two weeks ago in the British Championship. The 20 year old was among the quickest riders throughout the rain of Saturday and had high expectations on a track he clearly enjoys. He felt fatigued in the first moto however and 11th place was the best he could manage. Later in the day a brighter outing led to 8th. 10th belonged to Yamaha Monster Energy Gariboldi's Harri Kullas. The young Finn had the speed to again place himself in the top ten and should have taken two positions more than 10th in the first moto after some mistakes - particularly with three laps to go - saw him lose at least three places. He crossed the line with 11th in the second sprint. Team-mate Christophe Charlier had a decent opening to the day by running in-and-around the top six for most of the race and was finally nudged to 7th by Paulin on the last circulation. The second affair ended prematurely when the 2009 European Champion pulled out with a sore back after a first lap fall in front of the pack while holding 3rd place. Yamaha Monster Energy Ricci MX Team's Alessandro Lupino was 14th overall and took points in both motos. Osborne is 16 points behind Shaun Simpson who holds 5th place in the MX2 standings. Kullas is 10th and 19 points in front of Paulin in 11th. Charlier is 13th and two positions ahead of Lupino. A long trip to Brazil for the inauguration of the Campo Grande circuit will take place in two weeks time with the world championship set to finish by mid-September after visits to Holland and Italy.
Paulin at Loket
Paulin at Loket
Gautier Paulin, Yamaha Monster Energy Motocross Team: "I have been working hard to get back to my level and my main problem at the moment seems to be getting over this habit of one bad start and one good start. I was far behind the leaders at the beginning of the first moto but I feel quite content with this result overall because the bike and the team are great and I am gaining more confidence all the time with my riding. My aim will be two good starts in Brazil now and then the final two races!" Zach Osborne, Bike it Cosworth Yamaha: "I struggled today. I seemed to have about fifteen good minutes in me and then I felt like I was going through the motions. I think the concussion still has a bit of an effect and I should have had myself evaluated after the crash but I guess I didn't want to know because I'm fighting for a top five slot in the world. I think the track got the better of me a little bit today. It was very 'single-line' out there and that's make it tough. I'm having a hard time at the moment and we will work through it." Harri Kullas, Yamaha Monster Energy Gariboldi: "It was a hard track and I'm not so strong on this type of terrain yet but I know I can be in the top ten every moto. The first race went well until the last lap when I made a mistake not jumping the double and lost a position, which was frustrating. I made too many errors. I hit some soft mud out of the gate in the second race and this dragged me back a bit. I was fourteenth on the first lap and rode back to eleventh. I was lapped at the end so I know my speed was not the best! I will train more now and see what happens in Brazil." Christophe Charlier, Yamaha Monster Energy Gariboldi: "I'm happy with the first moto, I started well and had a good rhythm. Gautier just passed me at the end but I thought it was a good ride. I was third at the beginning of the second moto but slid out on the jump and was lucky that no-one hit me. I hurt my hip a little bit and could not finish but I hope for more good starts in Brazil."

Circuit Length: 1630 Crowd: 21,000 Weather: Cloudy

Last Years Winner: Gautier Paulin
2010 GP of Czech Republic 08/08/2010
Race 1 - 20 Laps
Pos. Rider Manu. Nat. Total Time
1 Ken Roczen Suzuki GER 39'33.781
2 Marvin Musquin KTM FRA 0'30.926
3 Jeffrey Herlings KTM NED 0'35.408
4 Jeremy Van Horebeek Kawasaki BEL 0'37.549
5 Shaun Simpson KTM GBR 0'52.968
6 Gautier Paulin Yamaha FRA 0'56.169
7 Christophe Charlier Yamaha FRA 0'57.223
8 Arnaud Tonus Suzuki CHE 1'00.372
9 Joel Roelants KTM BEL 1'01.813
10 Harri Kullas Yamaha FIN 1'11.753
11 Zach Osborne Yamaha USA 1'28.754
12 Matiss Karro Suzuki LVA 1'36.901
13 Martin Michek TM CZE 1'45.822
14 Steven Frossard Kawasaki FRA 1'56.300
15 Dennis Verbruggen KTM BEL -1Laps
16 Alessandro Lupino Yamaha ITA -1Laps
18 Glenn Coldenhoff Yamaha NED -1Laps
Race 2 - 20 Laps
Pos. Rider Manu. Nat. Total Time
1 Marvin Musquin KTM FRA 38'58.574
2 Ken Roczen Suzuki GER 0'00.516
3 Gautier Paulin Yamaha FRA 0'43.397
4 Steven Frossard Kawasaki FRA 0'58.354
5 Jeremy Van Horebeek Kawasaki BEL 1'14.565
6 Shaun Simpson KTM GBR 1'24.314
7 Arnaud Tonus Suzuki CHE 1'28.202
8 Zach Osborne Yamaha USA 1'29.270
9 Joel Roelants KTM BEL 1'29.793
10 Valentin Teillet KTM FRA 3'41.077
11 Harri Kullas Yamaha FIN -1Laps
12 Alessandro Lupino Yamaha ITA -1Laps
13 Martin Michek TM CZE -1Laps
14 Dennis Verbruggen KTM BEL -1Laps
15 Matiss Karro Suzuki LVA -1Laps
Rider Standings 08/08/2010
Pos. Rider Manu. Nat. Points
1. Marvin Musquin KTM FRA 527
2. Ken Roczen Suzuki GER 449
3. Steven Frossard Kawasaki FRA 404
4. Jeffrey Herlings KTM NED 391
5. Shaun Simpson KTM GBR 329
6. Zach Osborne Yamaha USA 313
7. Jeremy Van Horebeek Kawasaki BEL 302
8. Joel Roelants KTM BEL 298
9. Arnaud Tonus Suzuki CHE 293
10. Harri Kullas Yamaha FIN 254
11. Gautier Paulin Yamaha FRA 235
12. Jake Nicholls KTM GBR 198
13. Christophe Charlier Yamaha FRA 193
14. Dennis Verbruggen KTM BEL 148
15. Alessandro Lupino Yamaha ITA 143
20. Mel Pocock Yamaha GBR 52
25. Ceriel Klein Kromhof Yamaha NED 26
28. Loic Larrieu Yamaha FRA 25
30. Travis Baker Yamaha USA 15
31. Glenn Coldenhoff Yamaha NED 15
35. Max Anstie Yamaha GBR 9
37. Vince Friese Yamaha USA 8
41. Rudi Moroni Yamaha ITA 5
51. Ed Allingham Yamaha GBR 2
Manufacturer Standings 08/08/2010
Pos. Manufacturer Points
1. KTM 576
2. Suzuki 473
3. Kawasaki 424
4. Yamaha 414
5. Honda 97
6. TM 35

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